Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Market Movers aka HOD list

Scrolls from bottom to top. Low of day on the left, high of day on the right. 52 week high and lows highlighted in green and red. This screenshot is a good example as it shows ACOR hitting 52s penny by penny.

Edit: In chat today someone asked me how to set up the Market Movers. Unfortunately you can't do ANY setup. I would love to be able to get rid of low volume and true penny stocks from the list, but no way to do it. To set it up, all you have to do is click on the Market Movers button shown in the picture below. Hope this helps.


13th said...

Thanks Laura,Very nice,

Btw that list you had up there was pretty hot with GRO ROYAL TGC LNG PAR HDLM plus I see the time the screen shot was taken the Dow was down a points!
If you traded a few of them don't forget the BEER is on you!!

johnnyvento said...

I've been doing some experimenting with the Trade Ideas portion of the Elite set up. This is the only way you could make a bona fide filter. For example I have been building a list of combo stocks backtested for the past 12 months that have adr30 > 8 and 10-19 trips = 10. Backfiltered on the last friday of every month since May 2007 produces a list of about 450 stocks. Obviously I have missed some, if I added the middle 2 weeks it might add a couple more hundred. The list is interesting in itself because the redundant screens show how many times a stock shows up, in this way I have a list of about 50 "elite" combo stocks that have shown up on the list 4 or more months in a year.

But back to the point, this list can be used in Trade Ideas with any alert you want, one of them is "high of day" I think. There are some volume ones in there also. In theory you would get an alert every time a momo stock hit the hod. Anyway, I'm testing whether this will provide anything valuable, but it is probably easier just to scan the hod list the way 13th does it. That is what I am trying to learn right now anyway. If anyone is interested in the "elite" combo stocks I could post a thread on it in SF.

13th said...

Oh yeah,please post on SF,I'd love to see it!

johnnyvento said...

that was fast, haha

c'mon, go post another headliner on sykes blog

Laura said...

Go Johnny Go!

I am not sure I understand it all, but hell yeah, post it on SF forums.

The "elite combo stocks" sounds like a great idea if you get an alert when it hits hod list.

johnnyvento said...

I'll get it ready soon, right now I've got to go vote

then go to bed so I can get up at 5am, ha

I'm really curious to see your guys' reaction, some of them I'm not familiar with b/c they ran a lot last year

anyway it's something I'm working on in my spare time, I'll start a thread over there and when I get to the next round of backfiltering I'll update w/ another post.

johnnyvento said...

hey Laura,

and the best part is I get to test the filter with the real live elite combo spotter 13th! What a control group!

Laura said...

Hey Johnny Angel (lol, I hear that song in my head every time I see your nick),

Seems like you are on to something with this. Nice work.

That's funny. Your real time Combo Spotter is 13th!

johnnyvento said...

Hey Laura,

think of me as your angel... haha

what I'm going to try at first is to filter the trade ideas window just by volume and stock price. That should be easy and it doesn't involve pre-programming a momo watchlist for now. I'm going to try to put it side by side with the hod list, we'll see if I can manage it. If that works though you might reconsider your use of the Elite platform, the trade ideas window could be used as a makeshift hod list that can be filtered by price and volume.

Rick said...

Scottrade Elite makes it easy johnnyvento, you don't have to customize a Trade-Ideas scan. Just click on Highs and Lows at the top and click on settings to filter out low priced or low volume stocks. Highs and Lows in Elite is equivalent to the Market Movers in the normal Scottrade software. Hope this helps.

Rick said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the instructions Laura. It took me a long time to find the screen you described because I have used ScottradeElite for many years and did not realize you were referring to the streaming quotes of the Scottrade login. I finally realized that to reach the page you show you need to login to your Scottrade account and then choose the "home" tab at the top and click on "Scottrader Streaming Quotes" on the left hand side of the screen.


Chad said...

I've been using Trade Ideas from Scottrade Elite for a while and it works really great. I'm still finding new ways to play with it, trying to filter as best I can. I like it much more than the regular scolling HOD list. Here are some things you can do:

Have high/low of day list, which you can have display in a number of ways.

Only stocks hitting high of X number of days.

Stocks going red or going green.

Lots of others.

You can filter these for price or volume.

You can have it only show stocks in your watchlists (and it can filter those stocks further for volume etc. before displaying them.)

It shows the relative volume for the day so you can see the volume so far and if the volume is rising.

It will show you a number so you can see how many times the alert has hit for that stock.

You can have multiple alerts in a window and you can have several windows open to monitor diferent groups of stocks.

That's what I've got for now, let me know if that's helpful to anyone and if you'd like to know anything more.

Thanks very much for your site, it's the best on the web for learning this stuff.

Warm wishes,

Chad said...

Oh, and for volume, it filters for more than just shares traded or average shares traded. You can tell it to only show you stock that have traded X times their normal volume, or the last 5 (10,15, 30,) minutes have had more than X times normal volume for that time frame for that stock.

Really cool stuff. Someone like Muddy could just load in all the stocks he likes and Voila! A scrolling list that only show what he wants to see.

Eric said...

Hey 13th, Laura and Muddy: First: Thank you.
Secondly, are you guys modifying the HOD/LOD list to suit your particular scans like Chad is suggesting above?

Laura said...

Hey Eric, no we don't modify since we are using Scottrade basic just for the hod list. We trade with IB. Elite is great if you have over 25K and want to trade with Scott tho.

We see it all stream on hod list.