Thursday, November 29, 2007


PEIX which if you look at the 11/28 TSS update is on that list went gonzo today.

That is why I keep 2 day's previous lists still loaded on my watchlist and 3 days worth of the momos off each respective list. (Where PEIX came from.)

Here's how I use the whole concept of the TSS.

(1). Run the 1 day 8%/2 day 10% lost/failures list EVERY night and load the top 20 in order of times they have run 10% or more in the last 100 days.
(2). Run the basic stat display once a week on the weekend and load all stocks in order of times hit 10-19% down to and including only 7 hits in 100 days.
(3). I keep 2 previous day's lists of (1) explained above and a list of the momo runners off the list from the past few days.

Today's 1 minute PEIX chart.

That whole list today.Market not that great but these were pretty good.

A shot of the (1) method described above that shows todays watches.
As I've said before if you're a daytrader this stat scan seems to give me a huge edge

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Chris Marx said...

Where can I get this scanner?