Saturday, June 7, 2008


and a few other things:

There were some very late premarket leader board hits that ran awesome right after the opening bell this week:

From live chat Tuesday:
(Jun 03-09:26) 13th_FLOOR: SPDE just hit
(Jun 03-09:32) 13th_FLOOR: SPDE 1.75
Jun 03-09:35) 13th_FLOOR: SPDE 2
(Jun 03-09:37) 13th_FLOOR: SPDE 2.20
(Jun 03-09:38) 13th_FLOOR: 2.40 SPDE
(Jun 03-10:21) 13th_FLOOR: SPDE 2.57
(Jun 03-10:21) Laura: shew, SPDE a double
(Jun 03-10:23) 13th_FLOOR: SPDE 2.98 weeeeeeeee
(Jun 03-12:16) 13th_FLOOR: SPDE 3 hit
(Jun 03-12:17) omar: nice call on spde
(Jun 03-12:17) 13th_FLOOR: thank you
SPDE went on to hit a hod of 3.25
SPDE was also a former 0 vol stock that I've spoken of quite often.

(Jun 03-09:28) 13th_FLOOR: BSHF just hit
(Jun 03-09:49) 13th_FLOOR: very late hit pre BSHF near hod
(Jun 03-09:49) 13th_FLOOR: that was pump awhile ago
(Jun 03-09:50) 13th_FLOOR: is hod now 1.89
(Jun 03-09:54) 13th_FLOOR: BSHF at 2
BSHF opened at 1.64 and closed right near hod 2.03

From Thurs:
(Jun 05-09:17) 13th_FLOOR: PCYC just hit,news
(Jun 05-10:43) Laura: PCYC nice call 13th, up 21% now, 1.27
(Jun 05-13:25) 13th_FLOOR: plus i love IB pre board
(Jun 05-13:25) 13th_FLOOR: you can scan by amount of time in list
(Jun 05-13:25) 13th_FLOOR: thats how i caught PCYC today
(Jun 05-13:38) johnnyvento: what the hell PCYC
(Jun 05-15:53) johnnyvento: PCYC jiggy at the close
(Jun 05-15:53) 13th_FLOOR: PCYC again now 1.54
(Jun 05-16:02) johnnyvento: PCYC ends on hod even w/ all the selling pressure
PCYC closed at 1.55 from 1.07 open.

From Fri:
(Jun 06-09:30) 13th_FLOOR: ROYL late hit
(Jun 06-09:35) 13th_FLOOR: ROYL going some
(Jun 06-09:36) 13th_FLOOR: ROYL nice so far
(Jun 06-09:40) TomT: there goes ROYL
Opened at 9.05, hit hod 10.25

(Jun 06-09:11) 13th_FLOOR: destroyed last 2 days DESC just hit pre leaders
DESC opened at .165 , hit high of .2199, closed at .20

Oh and I short ones up huge (20%+ )on pre board and that in the last 5 mins before the open start to come down fairly quick as did ISPH if anyone was watching it in pre.

(Jun 06-09:49) 13th_FLOOR: shorted 6.4 ISPH
(Jun 06-10:13) 13th_FLOOR: yes i got out 6 from 6.40
(Jun 06-10:13) 13th_FLOOR: may try again in 5.80's if
(Jun 06-10:31) SlowPoke: i shorted ISPFH @ 5.85(Jun 06-10:31) 13th_FLOOR: me too aqgain short 5.85
(Jun 06-10:56) 13th_FLOOR: ISPH might break 5.7 downside,if does i think to 5.50's
(Jun 06-10:58) sheezo: here we go ISPH
(Jun 06-11:13) omar: 13th are u still holding isph
(Jun 06-11:15) 13th_FLOOR: yes
(Jun 06-13:24) TomT: damn ISPH IS down
(Jun 06-13:24) TomT: well was down to 5.10
(Jun 06-13:24) 13th_FLOOR: ISPH more down
Reshort at 5.85, covered at 5.25
16% total short profits on ISPH

Also I look to go long on any of the top 10 or so preleaders in price PLUS volume that have reported earnings since yesterdays close.
my list to scan were:

PARL fit the bill perfect:
5:01 p.m. EDT June 5, 2008
Jun 05, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- Parlux Fragrances, Inc. (PARL:
announced its results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2008. Sales from continuing operations were $153,696,374 compared to $134,365,094 in the prior year, an increase of 14%.

(Jun 06-09:40) 13th_FLOOR: PARL hod 4.26
(Jun 06-12:51) 13th_FLOOR: PARL not stopping on earnings
(Jun 06-12:52) TomT: damn it just hit 5.
PARL opened at 4.21, hit hod 5.19, closed at 4.90

and go short on "fluff" news ones when they hit red
TRX fit that bill:

(Jun 06-08:24) 13th_FLOOR: TRX kinda fluffy news imo yest,watching for red
(Jun 06-09:34) 13th_FLOOR: TRX nice red
Opened at 4.92, hit lod 4.34, closed at 4.46

Alot of different ways to make money in the markets,just gotta find yours i guess


TomT said...

Awesome picks.. I need to make up some of my $700 lose before I found Tim and your site... maybe I'll be able to make it back +.. before the wife put me in the dog house.. lol..

thx again Mike

Rick said...

Good stuff, I don't use IB so I am looking for another way to watch the premarket runners in real time.