Saturday, July 14, 2007

Going Long RRI Darvas Box Update

Just made our last buy on July 5th, and yesterday RRI closed at 30.15, nearing the new top of 30.75 with an intraday high of 30.69. Of course we are waiting for a close above the top, just didn't expect it to get so close so fast. Up an incredible 60% in 4 months on the first 100 shares bought at 18.85. Up 31% on all 500 shares with an average cost of $23.00.

If you don't/can't daytrade, building a portfolio of stocks like this can be the way to go. Averaging up into the strong ones and cutting the non-performers can be a very profitable strategy. Very low stress trading; I go days without looking at this one. In fact, I couldn't watch the HOD list Friday and wouldn't have seen RRI except someone mentioned it in the chat room.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Muddy's Going Long Update

Muddy made this post last month about stocks he was looking to buy for the long haul using his day trading profits. He bought these stocks on 6/18, so a month later, check out the results. Up 12.75% in 4 weeks! Wowser. I know the market has been rocking, but still a really nice performance.

Now I know that he has the "Need for Speed"; the rush he gets from day trading. (Hmmm, come to think of it I know someone else like this.......)

So after he bought, just to help him out you understand, I made it a true "Buy and Hold" portfolio and changed his password on this account. Truly, I did it for his own good!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

TRADES FOR 7/10/07

Since the market got hit hard yesterday I posted the trades that I made.
It is just to show that in that environment it's still possible to make some money.
And yes, I know a ton of stocks and yes, it takes a method(s) that you are familiar with and that you have confidence in.
Also it takes some hard work but that's why it feels so good when you do finally find your way imo.

Click on "my trades" link to see the entries and exits.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Former runners revisited

That phone call from an old friend, your favorite song comes on the radio that you have not heard in a long time, a stock that you know can run big shows up on the high of day list. All kind of the same really, opportunities to once again enjoy something from the past.

Knowing different stocks that have demonstrated big daily price increases in the past is one of the keys to finding opportunities when using the scrolling HOD list method. How do you develop such a list? It comes in time if your an active trader. Running the average day range filter once or twice per week can offer a good starting point for developing a list if your new to day trading. See Muddies post at the right under "Filters I use" It's number 3.

Here is an example of knowing a former runner and how to catch it:

On Thursday, notice TECUA pop up on my HOD list just before the market opened. Having traded the stock in the recent past I knew it had the ability to run big at times and pre market activity for it was rare. Initiated a position in pre after a quick chart / volume check and added to it just after the open when continuation of the run was obvious.

A check of the daily chart shows the big pops the stock had back in May of this year, it was alerted in chat also during that time period.

Knowing former runners and monitoring the hod list for appearances is a simple and effective way to find trading opportunities. See Muddies post for more information here:
Former runners