Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chat Logs Are Up and Current Again!

GlobalSS is a lifesaver! We have daily chat logs posted again now thanks to him. Find them on the chat room page here.

Love ya GSS.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Many thanks!

I tried to keep the chat logs up to date the past year. Thing is, I was only working part time a year ago. Now working full time and I can't do it.

Thanks to Dale (GlobalSS) for helping out. He is going to upload the chat logs daily when he can. He's a class act and a big help to the whole blog/chat.

Thanks Dale!


JBLU and DNDN blasted baby! RIGL amazing too.

Muddy: maybe news,real jiggy

Muddy: to near 29 pretty fast

pete: nice

Muddy: way jiggy

Loki: fda approval

Muddy: 52s now

Muddy: ahhh ok

davidb: RIGL is in a channel....on support right now...see if its going to break and head down or bounce off it

pete: JBLU popping also

Muddy: yes good eye JBLU

Muddy: CYBS more

Muddy: JBLU sweet

davidb: looks like RIGL broke support and heading down

TraderJJ: ADPI 5.50 nopw

jake: ICE coming out of pennent or triangle? 179

syl20: CORT popped on thin vol

Loki: DNDN lil pop

Muddy: DNDN pop too

Loki: on cnbc now

Loki: weeeeeeeee

syl20: jiggy

Muddy: weeeeeeeeeeeeee 7

pete: JBLU over 7 also

Muddy: JBLU huge ,nice one

Muddy: right off the hod list,ha both of them

StockRake: is there anywhere else that provides a hod list besides scottrade?

pete: whoa 8 JBLU

Muddy: JBLU NUTS too ,8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loki: sweeeeeet

Loki: I have it on etrade Stock

StockRake: i dont know if Ameritrade has the capability...

StockRake: whoa JBLU more

kc: JBLU rumor of Lufthansa buying stake

Muddy: tad over 8 again JBLU

Muddy: when i traded some with Ameri it didn't

kc: BMRN drug approval

clunk: News out on JBLU now

clunk: Lufthansa buying a stake

clunk: BMRN hod

Muddy: LRN 24 touch

pete: CTCT popping

pete: USBE more hod

clunk: DNDN more

syl20: FLML new hod 9.27

Loki: FLML lil pop

Loki: BBGI huge pop, low vol

pete: RIGL more

Muddy: RIGL more

clunk: NWK halt

StockRake: AKNS...

Muddy: pre AMIS back hods

StockRake: RIGL

StockRake: market might be rallying here

Muddy: RIGL 22

mrstrader: MELI HOD cross 52

goongreen: whatuc Stock?

StockRake: PRKR anyone mention that one?

Muddy: AMIS 9.25

goongreen: MELI pop

therumpledone: Hey Muddy, did you buy RIGL?

mrstrader: MELI cross 53

Muddy: yes about where i called near open

clunk: RIGL wow

therumpledone: man...

TraderJJ: unreal

Muddy: yeah good drugs!

goongreen: what drug for?

goongreen: MELI pop to 53.76


clunk: arthritis

clunk: drug day today lol

Muddy: sorry that crappy ad got in my msg.

goongreen: thx

goongreen: no apology w/ 400%

Loki: MELI rippin

mrstrader: MELI cross 54 this i swhere I het confused

TraderJJ: 400%

TraderJJ: ?

pete: muddy, are you still in RIGL?

goongreen: MELI maneater 54

Muddy: pete yes

goongreen: FLML pop to 9.28

pete: nice, it shook me out during lunch with that dip

Muddy: 21 stop now

goongreen: steroids taking hit...Mitch on CNBC...dealers panicky

Loki: short em !

Muddy: oh yeah the baseball hearing

goongreen: lol...

goongreen: CAAS big pop

Muddy: 22 stop RIGL

clunk: will it do 200%?

clunk: lol

ASton: USBE lookin 4 mo

syl20: unbelievable

syl20: LRN over 25

Muddy: yes 25

Muddy: AMIS more 9.35

Loki: MASI ipo pop 40

Muddy: MASI on 52s run 40

mrstrader: a little late, but ENS HOD

davidb: JBLU halted

davidb: Lufthansa stake is only a rumour

StockRake: uh oh

mrstrader: OMTR back over 31

goongreen: oooops!

Loki: SUF lil pop

goongreen: lil bird EXAS big pop

Muddy: yes

syl20: SQNM hod 8.17

Muddy: FLML lil more 9.4

TraderJJ: JBLU says halted pending news

TraderJJ: checking news

Muddy: MATK more

goongreen: POZN alift

syl20: CRK over 34

Muddy: POZN nice

goongreen: wuz nutso.

Muddy: USBE inch 10.6

goongreen: RIMM off double bottom on daily...highballers

Loki: WWAT lil pop news

Loki: JBLU news is out if anyone still in

Muddy: china one RCH tad green 9.07

Muddy: LRN hod

davidb: yea, I'm in JBLU..........I think it will open around 7.27, the rumored price from Lufthansa

clunk: Lufthansa paying $7.27 per share for JBLU

clunk: 19% stake

Loki: CPST pop 52's

davidb: Won't see any trading till tomorrow though

davidb: Jetblue have announced it now

syl20: NPSP hod 4.30

Loki: JBLU trade time 3:25

syl20: SQNM hod 8.20

Muddy: DNDN upping back some near 7

TraderJJ: CPST hod

syl20: RIGL back at 23

Muddy: yes

Muddy: i'm out 21.7

syl20: i was out way too early...

StockRake: DNDN news is kinda cool

goongreen: whats say Stock/

goongreen: SUF steady up

Muddy: 200% geez

syl20: RIGL over 24

StockRake: RIGL 24 geez is rt

syl20: man...

syl20: it's killing me

ASton: ha

therumpledone: Muddy... MARKET'S RED, YOU SHOULD BE IN BED!!

TraderJJ: lol

Muddy: ha,yeah thats right

Muddy: JBLU open

therumpledone: Did you ever buy a Zippo from JoeG?

Muddy: hehe,no

mrstrader: OMTR cont. at HOD

Muddy: been steady yes

Muddy: AMIS lil more 9.45

Muddy: JBLU vol flying

syl20: what is the price ?

davidb: everything!

Loki: MASI 41

syl20: FLML at hod 9.49

davidb: RIGL off again

Muddy: looks like more coming yes

therumpledone: Hey Bill, remember that SHORT idea we talk about? I am up over $3,000 now...

therumpledone: I put a portfolio on wallstreet survivor

therumpledone: $3,800 at the

TraderJJ: nice TRO

mrstrader: MASI still making new highs, anyone holding o/n?

therumpledone: Yes, it is way too funny how many ways you can make money off the TRO STAT SCAN...LOL

Muddy: Tro,its easy $$

Loki: not me, will be out before eod MrsT

syl20: FLML 9.70

therumpledone: yes, I was down a grand or so but like you said.. wait about a

Muddy: yeah just wait,most get smoked

Loki: SDTH pop near green

therumpledone: Well, the market DID PEAK while I was

Muddy: FLML going nice

therumpledone: wow RIGL made up that big drop in 2005

therumpledone: bet those people are

goongreen: SUF ablaze

goongreen: 21 green stats scan 12/03

mrstrader: MASI has news/new contract behind this move

Muddy: MASI near 42,nice

therumpledone: Dow and SP500 green

therumpledone: get ready to wake JoeG up

goongreen: MUD run to bank?

goongreen: RIMM 104 kiss

Loki: LULU back 47

mrstrader: OMTR 32

davidb: RIGL new high

TraderJJ: RIGL unreal

ASton: USBE on upping

syl20: amazing ... !!!!

syl20: over 25

syl20: went close to 26

Loki: LRN more

syl20: yeah, was about to say the same thing

mrstrader: CRDC lil pop

Loki: POSS 17 break

Loki: super day, thanks all

goongreen: ty bye

ASton: ditto//

davidb: Thanks for the RIGL tip

ASton: amis

therumpledone: byebye

syl20: bye everyone ... see ya on Monday !