Thursday, March 22, 2007


Over at, which by the way I highly recommend, I was reading an article about "Edge and Aha" which says how many of our best ideas come from that moment you say to yourself "aha, i finally get it",the ones where you think "why didn't I ever think of that before".

So anyway, a couple of weeks ago I had one of these moments (in my case I refer to them as my "DUH" moments,ha).
I always start checking premarket activity around an hour before open and refresh it every 10 minutes or so.
In the past I'd do my last refresh around 10 minutes before the open, load the volume and price leaders into my watchlist, go to the chatroom and get ready to roll.
Well I left the page up all day and when I went to check the Afterhours for the next day later that night the page had somehow refreshed itself to the CLOSE of Premarket trading for that day.
I noticed 2 stocks (don't remember the symbols now) that weren't on the leader board at 9:20 but appeared in the last 10 mins into the close.
And these 2 stocks ran really big after the open but , unlike many premarket leaders that gap up big and are many times uncatchable unless you wait around for a pullback if it happens, they did not gap up more than a few % and hung around that mark and didn't run until about an hour or so later.
So I've been tracking these "late" entries to the premarket leader board the past 2 weeks and about 75% of them have shown the same traits as the 2 stocks I found accidentally for the first time 2 weeks ago.

So my DUH moment hit me,to me it makes sense that this angle might have basis to it, that maybe the "news" that drove the stock up in premarket "late" isn't picked up by the bigger players until a little later than a normal leaderboard stock, one that had been on it all morning and in many cases in the aftermarket leader board the night before.

Anyway these stocks this week have hit the board very late that I have seen:

RCOM open 18.92 hod 20.90
HRSH open 2.85 hod 4.12
SIMO open 24.15 hod 25.85
GSIC open 20.68 hod 22.75
VYYO open 5.35 hod 7

There may be folks out there that have caught on to this years ago or just recently, if so please comment on your findings, thanks.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

ICFI, Running through the Sq/Vol/Brks Tonight

ICFI had news, good earnings, moved to a 4th qtr profit from a loss last year in the same period. Breakout today but who would have known? Insiders I guess. Up over $3.00 a share after hours.

Should be interesting to watch tomorrow. (Assuming I have internet access tomorrow)

Sunday, March 18, 2007


In a recent comment I was asked this question,so here goes.

(1) show stocks where close gained more than 8 percent over the last one day and price is between .30 and 40

I use this to find bollinger band/volume increase/price breakout stocks aka as sq/vol/br
Please note, and this is VERY important, DO NOT use any volume indicator with this filter.
The reason being many huge runners go from tiny average volume to a very large 1 day spike on the stock's breakout and with a volume limit in the filter you will miss many of them.
I pull up all the matches and sort them by descending order of volume, most days using 700000k + as the cutoff limit.

I also use this filter with a date offset from 2 days up to 14 days and look for stocks that have gone down since hitting the filter.
Then I eyeball the charts and look for ones making either a FLAG pattern or ones that have pulled back into what we refer to in the chat as the MZ (muddy zone).This is the zone of the ema13/sma20.
To find some 2 day plus holds I use the following to find new 52 week highs beginning with a date offset of 2 and going up to 10 days looking for losers on the date offset filters and eyeballing the charts to find ones that have pulled back into the MZ and have gone green the next day.

(1a). show stocks where close reached a new 52 week high
price between 1 and 40
average volume(90)greater than 300000
average day range(30)is greater than 2
date offset is 2

Then on to the next filter

(2). show stocks where close lost more than 8 percent over the last one day and price is between 1 and 40 and volume is greater than 400000

I really like these as watches combined with stocks on the high dayrangers list.
I watch for matches off this list to go green from red on the realtime HOD list for best results.

(3). show stocks where the average day range(10) is above 8 percent and close price is between 1 and 15 and volume is above 300000

These are the stocks I love to trade.
I use one list per week,updating only once every weekend,2 minutes and done.Simple.
I load them into my watch list and trade them in numerous ways,off the hod list, going green from red,abnormal vol/spikes,hints of vol/movement in after and premarket that may indicate upcoming news.
Also I add a column "average day range(30)" to look for ones that are increasing in volatility in the last 10 days over their 30 day average.

(4). show stocks where fast stochastic fast %k(14) is below 10 and volume is above 400000 and close is between 1 and 15
average day range(10) is above 3

This I use to bottomfish and though a very simple filter has given imo some really good results.
I add columns RSI(2) and Williams%R(10) along with a column for fast stoch(14,10).
Complete details of this filter can be found on on the Public Filters List on the Stockfetcher Forums under the filter name Fast%K Reversal.
This filter I mainly use for short swing trades.

And the best for last (for me):

Not a filter or a scan but this is most awesome tool I use.
I know a ton of former runners and I can catch them very early many times in the start of their run.
I am not connected in any way with them other than a customer.
In fact I have a few gripes with them that they haven't ever emailed me back on.
It's just that the constant rolling hod list rocks for me and I haven't yet found another broker that offers it.
You can see what this rolling hod list looks like if you go up to the search box and type in "market movers"

You can change the volume and price in any of the filters to fit your personal tastes.
Please note on filter #1,the gained more than 8% momo filter I use a price down to .30.
Most times this will include otcbb and some pinksheets.
Understand I've been trading/watching stocks and markets for 43 years since the age of 15 and I have a tolerance for risk that is off the charts.
I'm very very careful trying to put the odds in my favor in the risk/reward department.
I have extreme confidence in what I do when it comes to trading.
If you are newer to trading please stay away from these lower priced and otcbb/pinks.
Stick with the price range you feel most comfortable with in these filters.


I've talked about these many times in our old chat years ago.

I've mentioned it once on the " 100% STOCKS " post dated 1/1/07, so please if you are interested is these kind search and read that post.
In that post I referred to AQUA as running from .05, after it b/o 12/4 on 930k shares, after being a zero volume stock ( pointing of course to a very unknown stock) to .30 just 2 days later!
In the past week we had BTEM b/o 3/13 on 1.4 mil shares after being a zero volume on 2/14.
On that b/o day it closed at .70.
3 days later it sits at 2.22
All 3 days have shown over a mil shares trade on this former 0 volume stock.

ZROS this week kept on running.
It's 2/13 b/o on 2.5 mil shares at .545 came after being a 0 vol on 12/21.
Friday's close was 1.63

One scan that finds these easy plus other stocks of interest is simply :

stocks where volume is 500 percent above average volume(90)
and price is between .05 and 20
and date offset is 0
You can use any volume you want,I most times limit it to over 200,000 shares.

With a date offset to 3/13/07,last Tues, brings up LEND NEWC both +175% and BTEM at +217% into Fridays close


At the day rangers list posted for week of 3/12.

Some really great interday moves on many of them.
One of the best trading weeks I've seen in awhile in fact.

Also over a dozen held double digit gains for the week at Fridays close.

NWACQ 11% DSTI 37% SUF 12% BVSN 25% URRE 10% ONSM 13% FMT 11% FICC 11% CBRX 12% HEPH 15% AVNR 18% NEW 40% and after the symbol change from NEW to NEWC 178%

The hardest hit ones that are still maintaining their volume ICGN UPBS OPBL LTS FORG MAMA URZ GNVC MGRM are definitely still on my watch.


I've seen quite a bit lately posted on other blogs about stocks that have been giving good profits intraday due to their above average day range + the markets continuing volatility range.

I've believed for years this is one of the best angles a daytrader can have.
It is why I follow the higher dayrangers so closely.

Imo,the BEST edge comes from low float stocks with earnings/news releases .
These are relatively unknown stocks.
And what happens often with these kind is unlike known stocks,they usually don't gap up huge right on open from what I've seen.

There was an amazing 8 day period in late Nov that produced 4 of the biggest 1 day runs (on non-penny) you'll find on TRADEABLE (huge volume,non penny stocks):

CRDC 11/20 from 13k shares to 5.6 mil ran from open 5.25 to hod 9.62

CSLR 11/27 from 4k to 2.5 mil ran from open 3.80 to hod 15.09 (that's not a misprint) 279% intraday move!

GOAM 11/28 from 186k to 1.7 mil ran from open 5.22 to hod 6.98

SWAT 11/28 from 80k to 1.4 mil ran from open 6.74 to hod 9.86

CRDC opened even
CSLR the huge runner opened 13% up
GOAM opened 2% up
SWAT opened 4% up

Believe me,I'm not suggesting one could have gotten in at those very low opening prices or sold near the hod's.
What I'm saying is that if you have the heart for volatility (and if you don't that is surely understandable,especially newer traders) taking anywhere out of the middle of these huge runs can give profits that others just wish about in a matter of hours.

A side note: Ironically we started our live chatroom on 11/20 the exact day CRDC went
BTW, All 4 of these stocks were caught and called (probably by TraderJJ,ha) very early from the hod list.