Thursday, November 30, 2006


Re: Question

The way i play these is in 90% of the cases i ONLY play the ones from
my Favs List,plus i do not need the candle directly in the ema13/sma20
zone,its nice if it is but i only need a TOUCH of either the ema13 or
sma20 ....
See URZ on 11/15 and 11/28 and TGEN 11/21 and 22 for examples of this
i want at least near the 22 day vol average and i want GREEN on the
stock before i enter.
i also like to see a white candle pierced by the UBB in the last 10
days OR a "floating" red candle above the UBB within that timeframe

One that fits today 12/1 is TAG although not on fav list it has 4 down days in a row and 7 red candles,you'll need green hold here

--- In, mi jen ... wrote:
> What am I looking for after a retracement below the
> 13EMA and above the 20SMA? Volume, cross over, rsi etc.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

11/29 Fastk 14<10 from favs list

AVII VTSS IINT SIGA STEM ASTM also like charts ofSYNM EGOV from fastk

11/29 Increased vol near UBB

here's ones i found using an increased volume in last few days filter with stocks near the UBB with date offsets 3-6 and have declined since hitting the filter
i've had good results backtesting this so far,i'll watch today for green hold on these

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

11/29 UBB watches

from the favorites list ones i like on a pullback from the UBB,in the ema13/sma20 zone or very very close BRLC CTDC DVAX FRPT NTRZ SOLM URRE URZ

11/28 watches

High on my watches are URZ ZIXI SOFO MFCO, others w/vol needed EVCC AXTG AXGJ ILGY

Monday, November 27, 2006

a great learning chart - OPSW

check OPSW chart
8/17 a sq/vol/break that fails to hold the ema13/sma20 zone
Then it sells off big the 24th and 25th on larger than normal vol
on 25th it hits the fastk14<10 filter for the first time, it takes off from 6.45 to 8.27 where on 9/12 it becomes a sq/vol/br again !
on the 25th and 26th the candle rests in the MZ for 2 days,then it pops from 8 to 9.52
then it fails to hold the MZ once again ,hugs the lbb until 11/9,hits almost below 10 with fastk14 10.26 and runs again till 11/17 ubb touch and now its resting in the MZ again
Back and forth for nice profits,to me its why sq/vol/breaks are always worth keeping in a journal so they can be tracked

Interesting charts

Like these charts,possible poppers with vol :
BSLM FMDAY TERX (real good move possible) NNPP RPTN ISIS GNOLF AANI ENT DNDN and AXTG still walking ubb,near even 3,may cross 3 and go or wait for a pullback in a few days into the ema13/sma20 zone.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

my watchlist of Favs for 11/27

These are the stocks i have at the top of my watchlist for 11/27 and a few days after until they hit their entry price on at least ave vol (preferably above ave vol) .... once they hit their entry price at an EOD close,new entry prices will be adjusted : CYTR EGHT CHCG FLEX GROW HYGS ISON ROHI SOFO URRE CTDC ICAD MAMA STEM IAAC VVUS , these are at their entry price for me as of the Fri close............. If you're following these use your method of determining an entry point intraday using your indicators,myself i still go with a green hold after about 30-45 mins after the market has usually settled some.I've been trading over 40 years and have developed a feel but i'd recommend finding an entry method that you are comfortable with.Please understand these are not recommendations to buy these stocks,it just may be good practice to go back in a day or two and chart the ones that do well and the ones that don't.
These are ones that are further from my entry point but i'll watch to see if they get to or close to it ,prices after the stock is my entry point:
MEMY 2.53 MVIS 2.85 NVEC 43.25 SOEN .77 ZHNE 1.43 VNDA 14.67