Thursday, March 29, 2007

Speaking of loki........

Glad to see you back in the chatroom. Awesome calls the last few days!

Great heads up on KRY yesterday at 10:14 at around $3.25. HOD $4.18!

(Mar 28-10:14) loki3361: KRY spike
(Mar 28-10:15) Muddy: LMRA 2 mil hod
(Mar 28-10:15) bottomlinestocks: LMRA breakout in progress
(Mar 28-10:16) Muddy: KRY 3.35 nice

(Mar 28-10:21) Muddy: Loki,thnks KRY,got it
(Mar 28-10:21) loki3361: kewl, me too
(Mar 28-10:21) Muddy: never saw it
(Mar 28-10:22) Muddy: until you spotted it
(Mar 28-10:22) loki3361: hod list, just caught it as the list was flying at that moment
(Mar 28-10:22) NJ24: me too loki,thank you
(Mar 28-15:02) loki3361: KRY 4

FRPT and stealing my alerts :)

LOL, I heard that loki!

(Mar 29-10:20) Muddy: Laura FRPT 2% up
(Mar 29-10:20) Muddy: may get another 2%
(Mar 29-10:21) LauraJ4957: okay, thx

(Mar 29-11:31) Muddy: Laura.... FRPT 4%
(Mar 29-14:49) loki3361: FRPT still
(Mar 29-14:50) NJ24: nice
(Mar 29-14:52) loki3361: whenever Muddy alerts Laura, steal it for 2 %, but don't let him know
(Mar 29-14:53) Muddy: TGEN
(Mar 29-14:53) Muddy: loki,ha,yes
(Mar 29-14:54) Muddy: i know she cant watch good cause of work so try to give "safer" ones,if such a thing