Saturday, April 7, 2007


Someone asked for some stocks to watch on a blog,, that I reply to once in awhile. Thought you might be interested as it's a pretty quick way to find some good potential runners, especially if you work during the week and are kinda crunched for time.

This method has been posted a few times on this blog as a play off the squeeze/volume /price increase filter.

Stocks at the top of my list I’m watching this week for a bounce.

The results:

The 20 stocks I had at the top of my list that I was watching for a bounce this week had a very good 4 day week overall.

It had 13 gains,5 losses and 2 break evens.

Of those 13 gains we had some real nice 4 day hits including:

ZROS +32%
RPTN +32%
BMD +27%
ANO +21%
SUF +16%
ONT +11%
ESLR +9%
ASTI +9%
SIGA +9%
IVAN +6%
BQI +5%

The 3 losers over 5% were:

WITM -14%
NNPP -10%
JDO - 7%

The overall performance of the 20 stocks was +7.4% for the 4 day week.

All 20 stocks had 3 things in common.
All were sitting in the pullback zone of ema13/sma20 after reaching the ubb recently.
All had had recent 8%+ gains.
All were above average dayrangers (the reason for the big gainers as when they start to go green,they often can go go)

These stocks were all found in less than 15 minutes with the scanning service I use, and if you’re crunched for time you only need to run it once a week or so and keep the old ones on your list and wait for green.

BTW,regarding the pullback zone of ema13/sma20 that I have used the past few years,in recent months I have widened it slightly ( to ema 10/sma30 ) after reading about the TAZ (traders action zone) on
This zone gives a better visual and works as well or better than my orignal zone.
My thanks go out to Craig over there.

On watch: Stemmies

Watching stemmies close the beginning of the week, some nice moves were made on Thursday:

News on White house bill support and that the Senate is to begin debate on Tuesday, could bring in some interest.

A few Stem / related stocks - last price as of Thursday and percent change:

ACEL 1.50 +7.91%
ACTC .82 +9.33%
ALXN 44.46 +1.46%
ASTM 1.58 +6.04%
CELG 58.03 +4.56%
GERN 7.43 +2.34%
IART 46.35 +0.87%
LIFC 24.78 +0.90%
OSTE 8.17 +1.62%
SPPI 6.63 +1.84%
STEM 2.94 +6.52%
VIAC 5.93 +4.40%

Muddy's Weekend Playlist

Muddy asked me to put up a couple of songs he likes. LOL, after three years with no sound, he finally has new computer speakers. Shew...three years. I am telling you this guy is lazy. Guess that's why he keeps saying "keep it simple" (aka Caveman Trading).

When he was a "muddster" he enjoyed this song:

Now that he's a "geezer" he prefers this "tamer" version:


As Stockbee would say, IDMI had an episodic moment. That's why it's important to remember Former Runners. This stock may never go again, but many do, and that's why it's important get to know stocks and how they behave. GOAM, ZICA, and REFR are a few that come to mind. They may go quiet for a long period of time, but when one day they start running on the HOD list (with volume), you better pay attention!

Check out this post on The Point of Focusing. Here were two days where huge profits could have been made, since every stock on here I knew as a past runner.

New traders need to start building a mental list like this. It can be invaluable to your future trading since you don't need to study the chart in depth, you can just go on green if you know their history.

Thursday, April 5, 2007


IDMI ran 67% from it's open price of 6.12 in about 40 minutes.

I see so many folks going for nickels and dimes and this is why I don't do that.
One hit like this even every few months can increase profit returns big.

One needs to break away from the crowd in order to get an edge in the market.
Here's how I found IDMI and why I had it loaded ready to trade before the open .

(Apr 04-09:28) Muddy: IDMI may run awhile

(Apr 04-09:34) Muddy: ha IDMI

(Apr 04-09:35) Muddy: right did run from 6.12

(Apr 04-09:56) Muddy: on AH last night big IDMI and was sq/vol/br on earnings

(Apr 04-09:56) Muddy: figured it would blow

(Apr 04-10:04) TraderJJ: huge, very nice, one of those last min premkt stocks

(Apr 04-10:04) TraderJJ: /low premkt vol

(Apr 04-10:06) Muddy: IDMI IDM Pharma, Inc. $5.25 $6 14.29% 14,180

(Apr 04-10:06) Muddy: AH close last night

(Apr 04-10:10) loki3361: 10

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Welcome to Our Newest Blog Member!

Look for a post or two soon from our newest blogger! We sent out an invite to a great trader that makes awesome calls in the chat room on a daily basis.

Seems to keep it simple the same as Muddy does: HOD list along stocks you know, price, and volume.

And BTW new Mystery Blogger, send me an email if you need help blogging or posting a chart or pic. I'm the blogmeister (aka blog secretary LOL)