Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hi Blobbers and Timmay!

Fun day again in the chat. Yesterday one of the best (and funniest) in a long time.

Thanks to all blobbers who came to our virtual BBQ to celebrate all the trades we made in IDMI.

Weather here near Philly even better today, near or at 70 degrees, took out the 1890 or something record high for the day.

DUDE and DUDETTE Blobbers, I told you to stay overnight after the BBQ as it was late, but all insisted on driving home, even after the champs. Don't get some of you like GLOBALSS and Scrumscrab and Rocky. Bitching about drive back to California and Hawaii, but 'tever. You guys are basically wusses, LOL. What's a little driving for a great meal? And not like we didn't work too, I mean really! Muddy is lazy as can be and he cooked 56 virtual steaks. And I had to clean up the mess you virtual blobbers made! Sniff!

But I guess a virtual drive is like the virtual BBQ. If you get pulled over for DUI, I hope you get a virtual cop.

Plus today in chat was cool cause we had a virtual (real actually) star stop in!! And our star mentioned our blog on his blog. Share the love, LOL. Anyways, our friend Timothy Sykes stopped in and stayed all day! Muddy and I both email with Tim from time to time and we will review his book here soon. Enjoying it so far! (I email Tim for real stuff, Mudd and Tim email each other with funny macho stuff about whose short picks trump the other's. Funny stuff!)

Today Tim said he started a new book a few days ago, but I am frankly kind of concerned that he scratched notes on cocktail napkins sometime last weekend at some hoity toity NY club and has already lost them. But he is young, no matter to me. Tim is a sweetheart and very friendly, honest, and down to earth. IMO, he is the next Cramer!! But nicer. Go TIMMAY!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

PHAT TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome Blobbers. (Ha, a new member Rocky called us that, and Laura liked it. Blogger Mob - BLOB. So now we blobs.) Market down almost 400 points, but some stocks trade on their own exchange. Shew, take a look. We called in chat early, little after 10:30. Extracts of the chat log are below the charts. We have a rockin' room.

(Feb 05-10:39) Muddy: IDMI another pop 1.33

(Feb 05-10:40) Muddy: MBI jiggy 15.5


(Feb 05-10:58) Muddy: IDMI 1.4 hod

(Feb 05-10:58) Muddy: 1.43 weee

(Feb 05-11:01) scrumscab: Muddy, what is the likely-hood of pharmacueticals like IDMI having more upside tomorrow?

(Feb 05-11:02) Muddy: well IDMI had news yest i think,so maybe thats topping soon

(Feb 05-11:03) Muddy: but is phase 3 news....

(Feb 05-11:04) Muddy: so maybe a runner awhile,see bigcharts for news on it now

(Feb 05-11:04) Muddy: i'm just using 5% mental trailer on it myself

(Feb 05-11:06) scrumscab: Gotcha. I'm just curious with your experience if pharma stocks priced like this have quick momentary runs only to peter out quickly. I like the spread on this, so I'll keep an eye on it.

(Feb 05-11:07) Muddy: APWR jiggy near 18

(Feb 05-11:08) Muddy: spread excellent on IDMI yes

(Feb 05-11:12) Muddy: out IDMI 1.4 ..may try again later in day at 1.45ish if

(Feb 05-11:14) Muddy: ha 1.45 quick

(Feb 05-11:14) Muddy: here goes maybe

(Feb 05-11:14) Muddy: in

(Feb 05-11:14) Muddy: whoa 1.54,love this stuff

(Feb 05-11:15) Laura: Down

(Feb 05-11:15) Muddy: use 'em and abuse 'em

(Feb 05-11:15) scrumscab: Man, there's the quick and dead isn't there?

(Feb 05-11:18) stockrake: hopefully IDMI is RIGLesque

(Feb 05-11:18) stockrake:

(Feb 05-11:21) stockrake: ICGN more

(Feb 05-11:25) Muddy: COIN low vol but jiggy 9.8

(Feb 05-11:25) TraderJJ: COINW too COINZ too low vol IMO

(Feb 05-11:25) Muddy: riglesque ha

(Feb 05-11:26) TraderJJ: ha

(Feb 05-11:30) kidd: VPHM - hod at 9.72

(Feb 05-11:31) Muddy: SWC lil pop 13.7

(Feb 05-11:32) Muddy: 1.6 IDMI

(Feb 05-11:33) stockrake: watch it rigl see it jiggle

(Feb 05-11:33) Laura: funny

(Feb 05-11:33) Muddy: haha

(Feb 05-11:33) Muddy: sweet 1.64 hit

(Feb 05-11:33) stockrake: yes

(Feb 05-11:34) Laura: double weeeee for you

(Feb 05-11:34) stockrake: good call on the 1.45 entry

(Feb 05-11:35) Muddy: giddy up 1.7 IDMI

(Feb 05-11:35) stockrake: starting to weee it

(Feb 05-11:35) Muddy: oh yeah

(Feb 05-11:35) stockrake: oh 1.71

(Feb 05-11:36) stockrake: its jiggling alright

(Feb 05-11:36) Muddy: watch YRCW 19

(Feb 05-11:36) Muddy: weeeeeeeeeeeee IDMI 1.8

(Feb 05-11:37) scrumscab: We're probably going to hit 2 for IDMI before the end of the day

(Feb 05-11:37) stockrake: 1.85 giddy up

(Feb 05-11:43) Muddy: 1.9 IDMI

(Feb 05-11:45) Muddy: IDMI 2 babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

(Feb 05-11:45) stockrake: RIGLesque for sure

(Feb 05-11:45) Muddy: yup

(Feb 05-12:03) Muddy: IDMI upping back near 2

(Feb 05-12:03) Laura: Mudd, washers and dryers are running WHR

(Feb 05-12:04) Muddy: ha,you do my laundry,dont know much about those things

(Feb 05-12:04) Laura: oh, yeah, true

(Feb 05-12:05) Laura: nice e/r on WHR

(Feb 05-12:06) mrstrader: Laura, you do his wash? lol

(Feb 05-12:06) Muddy: LVS 93 touch

(Feb 05-12:06) Laura: yeah, and believe me "Muddy" is the right name for him

(Feb 05-12:06) mrstrader: good one

(Feb 05-12:06) Laura: good deal though, he does all the cooking

(Feb 05-14:26) Muddy: IDMI creeping back near 2

(Feb 05-14:28) Muddy: MALL near hod 8.67,runs fast last few weeks LLNW still inch

(Feb 05-14:35) Muddy: RAMR pop to green

(Feb 05-14:38) Muddy: LLNW 6.5

(Feb 05-14:39) Wpg: IDMI 2.00

(Feb 05-14:39) Wpg: past

(Feb 05-14:39) Muddy: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(Feb 05-14:39) Muddy: MALL 8.9

(Feb 05-14:41) Laura: IDMI, I guess even the dogs get steak tonite

(Feb 05-14:43) stockrake: ooo

(Feb 05-14:48) Seano: hi

(Feb 05-14:48) throbinskin: IDMI nice

(Feb 05-14:49) Laura: Hiya Seano

(Feb 05-14:49) Muddy: hi

(Feb 05-14:54) Muddy: IDMI gearing up again maybe

(Feb 05-14:56) Muddy: 2.14

(Feb 05-14:57) Laura: good call again

(Feb 05-14:58) Muddy: 2.25 hit

(Feb 05-15:06) Laura: IDMI bang a double............wooooooooooot

(Feb 05-15:06) throbinskin: hoooooot hooooooooot

(Feb 05-15:08) Laura: 2.38

(Feb 05-15:08) Muddy: unreal

(Feb 05-15:09) Muddy: on 300 down dow day too

(Feb 05-15:09) Laura: I'll have a filet mignon, medium rare plz

(Feb 05-15:09) Muddy: hehe

(Feb 05-15:09) Muddy: so will the dogs!!!

(Feb 05-15:09) Laura: 2.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Feb 05-15:09) throbinskin: more..... WOW

(Feb 05-15:10) Laura: gimme 2 steaks

(Feb 05-15:10) Muddy: oh baby

(Feb 05-15:10) throbinskin: good job

(Feb 05-15:10) Laura: yes dear?

(Feb 05-15:10) mrstrader: congrats

(Feb 05-15:11) Muddy: (Feb 05-10:39) Muddy: IDMI another pop 1.33 .. now thats a pop !!

(Feb 05-15:17) TraderJJ: beauty!

(Feb 05-15:18) Laura: going again looks

(Feb 05-15:20) stockrake: 2.6 nice

(Feb 05-15:20) throbinskin: holy cow

(Feb 05-15:21) Laura: leapin lizards

(Feb 05-15:21) stockrake: this makes RIGL really look like nothing

(Feb 05-15:21) Laura: got some serious mojo

(Feb 05-15:23) throbinskin: Muddy is making steaks

(Feb 05-15:23) Laura: not hurting my short port any, that's for sure

(Feb 05-15:24) Laura: pahty around the bbq at Mudd's house

(Feb 05-15:24) stockrake: this thing is the space shuttle

(Feb 05-15:24) throbinskin: i see 2.8 coming

(Feb 05-15:29) stockrake: massive vol

(Feb 05-15:30) throbinskin: damn now almost 3

(Feb 05-15:30) throbinskin: steak and lobster now

(Feb 05-15:30) Laura: 3 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(Feb 05-15:30) stockrake: can take this whole chat room out for steak and lobster

(Feb 05-15:30) stockrake: on a move like that

(Feb 05-15:31) Laura: hell yeah, and some champagne for all

(Feb 05-15:31) 007: sweet I'm in ... lol

(Feb 05-15:31) throbinskin:

(Feb 05-15:32) throbinskin: It will not stop

(Feb 05-15:32) kidd: Long way from CA - how good are the steaks?

(Feb 05-15:33) 007: wow I missed that .. damn work meetings.

(Feb 05-15:33) TraderJJ: steaks are great but the company is even better ha

(Feb 05-15:33) kidd: lol

(Feb 05-15:33) Laura: a balmy 60 in Philly today, we can BBQ in the backyard

(Feb 05-15:38) stockrake: wowow 3.18 cant stop wont stop

(Feb 05-15:41) Laura: Muddy, you said use and abuse em, earlier. You made IDMI your biatch didn't you?

(Feb 05-15:42) kidd: STEM - 1.84 on 2 x vol. near hod

(Feb 05-15:43) mrstrader: I am only 90 minutes away and I hate to cook

(Feb 05-15:43) Laura: lol

(Feb 05-15:43) Muddy: it's one of the greatest all day runs i've ever seen,from open to close

(Feb 05-15:44) Laura: PANC up 20%, but kinda embarrassed to mention it, ha, pales in comparison

(Feb 05-15:44) throbinskin: good golly

(Feb 05-15:45) stockrake: historical

(Feb 05-15:45) stockrake: and also historical is my sell @ 1.8

(Feb 05-15:45) stockrake:

(Feb 05-15:46) throbinskin: Marriot up 1 %..... lol

(Feb 05-15:47) stockrake: ROIAK HOD lol

(Feb 05-15:47) throbinskin: Muddy up 200 %

(Feb 05-15:49) stockrake: really nice move

(Feb 05-15:50) Muddy: looking at chat log from yest ,kidd called at 1.17!

(Feb 05-15:50) scrumscab: Should I dare say 4 by the end of the day

(Feb 05-15:51) kidd: I did? but did't put any in my pocket, lol

(Feb 05-15:51) Laura: and I said (Feb 05-15:06) Laura: IDMI bang a double.

(Feb 05-15:52) throbinskin: i remember saying 2.8 coming

(Feb 05-15:54) goongreen: Muddy<----kudos maestro

(Feb 05-15:54) Laura: don't pump his ego, BELIEVE it's not needed

(Feb 05-15:54) Laura:

(Feb 05-15:54) stockrake: thanks for nothing Muddy! (just trying to even things out for Laura's sake)

(Feb 05-15:55) stockrake:

(Feb 05-15:55) goongreen: lol

(Feb 05-15:55) stockrake: now nuetral

(Feb 05-15:55) Muddy:

(Feb 05-15:55) Laura: guess what we going to talk about tonight? lol

(Feb 05-15:55) scrumscab: 4 here we come

(Feb 05-15:56) throbinskin: it's going to try 4

(Feb 05-15:57) goongreen: What they got? Fountain fo Youth

(Feb 05-15:58) throbinskin: looks like viagra on chart

(Feb 05-15:58) Laura: commercials say supposed to see a doctor if it lasts more than 4 hours

(Feb 05-15:58) goongreen: Yeah that a fountain

(Feb 05-15:59) Muddy: ouch 4 hours??

(Feb 05-15:59) throbinskin: red face

(Feb 05-15:59) Laura: this one 7.5 ha

(Feb 05-15:59) scrumscab: Or if you see shades of blue.

(Feb 05-15:59) stockrake: no if it lasts more than 24 hours i think?

(Feb 05-15:59) Muddy: thats not just wood, it's a forest!!

(Feb 05-15:59) TraderJJ: 4 hrs

(Feb 05-15:59) TraderJJ: ha

(Feb 05-15:59) stockrake: lol

(Feb 05-15:59) Laura: ROFL

(Feb 05-15:59) stockrake: redwood tree

(Feb 05-15:59) goongreen: comedians say What...they going to talk it down/

(Feb 05-16:00) throbinskin: 3.81

(Feb 05-16:01) Laura: 3.95 last

(Feb 05-16:01) scrumscab: The volume today is practically the entire volume for all of 2007

(Feb 05-16:01) Laura: ha, that's funny

(Feb 05-16:01) RockyT: in Hawaii we call it Sunami

(Feb 05-16:01) Laura: gap and crap tomorrow, or gap and go? what's your bet?

(Feb 05-16:02) scrumscab: How about the early morning Crap 'n Go

(Feb 05-16:02) 007: thats my bet.. crap'n go

(Feb 05-16:02) Laura: that's what it's like here with the dogs

(Feb 05-16:03) scrumscab: The dogs don't wait for the walk?

(Feb 05-16:03) Laura: I vote with you guys, going to go more I bet

(Feb 05-16:03) Laura: ha, sometimes not

(Feb 05-16:04) stockrake: i gotta crap n go....cya tomorrow

(Feb 05-16:04) Laura: cya

(Feb 05-16:04) scrumscab: Lets' repeat tomorrow.

(Feb 05-16:05) Laura: old folks video game, IDMI

(Feb 05-16:08) RockyT: That was a show...234.211%

(Feb 05-16:08) Laura: incredible run

(Feb 05-16:09) RockyT: What a great day to join the blob

(Feb 05-16:10) Laura: mob blog = blob

(Feb 05-16:10) Laura: I like it

(Feb 05-16:10) RockyT: perfect picture....ioi

(Feb 05-16:11) Laura: Have to go clean kitchen now, Muddy too excited to do it, LOL

(Feb 05-16:11) Laura: BRB

(Feb 05-16:11) RockyT: later to all goodevening!

(Feb 05-16:12) kidd: FRX - put a stink bid in on some calls that got hit so we shall see. It was green today.

(Feb 05-16:13) kidd: take care everyone.