Monday, May 21, 2007


Pradeep, in his blog Stockbee, has said a lot about earnings related spike in the stock prices. I would like to add my observation to the concept. I understand for some of you it might not be something new,to them I'll plead that I'm just a "newbie" so kindly bear with me.

It's basically for those who keep a close eye on Pre n AH, I found it useful to make a list of stocks that appeared on Pre and Ah because of their positive earnings. Not only, such stocks, run well that day there are strong chances that they might start running again within a period of few days/ weeks. Some may gap up tht day, go down the next and start moving up again.
CPWR appeared on Ah -MAy/15/07

HSOA -Ah on May/9/07

There were many includin AIRM,FWLT,NDN(yest)andVDSI (today) to name a few. It may not always happen this way but FDA approval for Pharma/Bio, earnings along with pre /ah can be the rule of thumb.