Monday, June 2, 2008

Chat Room Rocking Again!

Nice to see so many new people here!

We used to have 30-40 peeps everyday, but what with Muddy on hiatus everyone disappeared. As most of the chat regulars here know, I have been very sick for the past few months and that has taken its toll on both of us. We are just trying to get our life back and hopefully we can get things in full swing again. Thanks go out to 13th, Muddy's (and my friend) for helping out. He and Muddy have known each other a long time and 13th's calls are right on the money.

Nice to see people getting the "red floater" thing for example, and great that 13th posted all of the methods we use in one post. Muddy is generally too lazy to post that much!

Only gripe I have dudes, you both gotta stop using me as your secretary to post the frigging charts!


machismo said...

hope you get well soon Laura.

13th said...

Yes Laura, do get well soon.

I remember you told me the most folks you had in the room ever way back was 43

Wow, we hit a hod people in chat list of 47 today that I saw!

johnnyvento said...

hod in chat, lol

13th said...

We hit a new 52 week high in the chat today,haha

55 folks we had in at one time.
A lot of good "eyes" in there too!