Monday, January 14, 2008


I have had a few questions lately on the blog and via e-mail on how I decide to enter stocks.

Laura had a basic description of what I do on a post from a year ago. Entry

Thing is, I can't tell you exact rules. I have been trading for almost 44 years and I know the behavior of tons of stocks. If I see a stock I know start pounding the HOD list on Scottrade, I just push buy if I know it is a past momo runner. It's a gamble maybe, but the odds are in my favor if I know it has done the same thing (on whatever catalyst) many times in the past.

And no, intraday I don't use technical indicators or real time charts. I look at many charts EOD to fine tune my watches for the next day, but intraday.......PRICE and VOLUME, PRICE and VOLUME. All I need.

You have to trade and experiment for awhile. All of us have different styles. I am trying to help and teach, but I can't give you my 44 years of experience.