Wednesday, April 25, 2007


DAWG Trades

I've had a few emails asking if I can post my trades I make so I'll try to post the trades I make each day.
I'll do this for the next couple of weeks and if it's popular I'll keep it up, if not I'll stop.
I'll start with Monday's to today's and add a new post every trading day.

Please, if you have any questions as to why I entered any particular stock don't hesitate to comment.
That is what this is about, maybe some can learn off it.

Tuesday 7/10

ASYS in 9.50 out 10.21
BBND in 14.12 out 14.74
CTIC in 4.55 out 4.49
CYTX in 5.88 out 6.04
ELON in 17.39 out 20.50
FONR in 7.09 out 8.61
IMAX 4.53 out 4.66
OBCI in 2.52 out 3.22

Wednesday 5/16

MPWR in 17.03 out 17
NGA in 14.65 out 15.51
CLRK in 25.25 out 26.17
BTEM in 1.74 out 1.90

Traded crappo today,passed on way too many like CFUL AWNE JADE ONT TUBR UVE that I normally would have hopped all over. No killer instinct today and not sure why.

Tuesday 5/15

TBSI in 18.63 out 19.83
AVNR in 2.72 out 2.93
MODG in 2.01 out 2.59
ATEA in 7.59 out 8.75

First day back trading since Wednesday and it felt good.
Out of my 4 trades only 2 I spotted on my own. MODG gave me 29% courtesy of a great headsup by Slotmonkey and the ever hod list stalker,Loki, spotted and alerted AVNR.
If you frequent the chatroom you know I hardly make it there by 9:30 most days as I'm really lazy and get to doing other stuff.My mission is to spend the least amount of time doing stock research as possible and enjoy other things,so when I showed up 45 minutes early today it surprised even me.
Last night on afterhours I saw one of my all time favorite low floaters ATEA up 30% with volume and I could hardly wait to get started.
From the past I remembered this one and how it could run and it paid off.
Like I've said many times,try to log or remember these kind.
From todays chat:

(May 15-08:52) Muddy: gm....JJ, LOKI,you know ATEA,right?

(May 15-08:56) Muddy: but you from past i think was you and/or JJ

(May 15-08:56) Muddy: you know *

(May 15-08:57) Muddy: i traded it before with someone,might have been JJ in old chat,forget

(May 15-08:58) Muddy: its a big runner on no news at times i

(May 15-08:58) Muddy: in past

(May 15-09:06) Muddy: ok,in dec yeah,and i've seen/remember in 2005 when 8 to like 25 ATEA

Wednesday 5/9

OSIS in 28.30 out 29.15
TUBR in 3.65 out 3.98
CELL in 13.60 out 13.69
ENER in 36.10 out 35.77
UHCO in 22 out 21.74
BPHX in 9.05 out 10.12
TEXG in 2.08 out 2.46

No trading for me until maybe next week sometime, getting burned out again, I'm finding it hard to stay motivated and that's not good.

Tuesday 5/8 :

NGA in 12.90 out 13.92
ECGI in 4.04 out 3.84
NILE in 54.18 out 56
KRY in 4.50 out 4.56
COTE in 1.69 out 1.94
STLD in 47 out 48.10
OMPI in 15.81 out 16.89
GOAM in 6.40 out 6.80
UHCO in 19.85 out 20.90

Monday 5/7 :

TEXG in 2.80 out 3.95 ( added more @ 3.19 )
SYNL in 38 out 40.65
SORC in 6.22 out 6.52

Friday 5/4:

SFLY in 18.40 out 18.10
INAP in 17.01 out 18.90
MOBE in 3 out 3.50
NNPP in 1.71 out 1.88
IDMI in 9.02 out 9.13
BIOS in 3.90 out 4.30

Really good day for me to top off one of my better weeks since I've gone to exclusively daytrading
BIOS went from 3.90 to 4.70 in less than 10 minutes which was quite a rush.
It came down from 4.70 so fast I missed my stop at 4.55 and I outted at 4.30 which was still ok.
I jumped right on this one as soon as I saw the b/o because I remembered the huge fast run it did back on 11/22

Thursday 5/3:

IDSA in 14 out 15.12
SWRI in 1.47 out 1.65
TSYS in 4.73 out 4.59
NTLS in 22.06 out 22.90
NVEC in 34.07 out 34.76
EVCC in 2.30 out 2.49
SMDI in 10.50 out 10.89
CPNLQ in 3 out 3.17
CEDC in 33.03 out 33.62
GTI in 11.55 out 12.10

After my stop was hit on EVCC at 2.49 near the end of the day share price plunged to close at 1.94.
It'll be near the top of my watches again for Friday,along with KDKN HPLF NNRF OPBL as ones that took a hit

Wednesday 5/2:

ININ in 17.10 out 18.62
TTMI in 10.51 out 12.09
ANPI in 6.04 out 6.61
EVCC in 1.83 out 2.10

I never saw ANPI hitting the hod list but I traded it off the great headsup by Slotmonkey in our chat.

Caught EVCC again for another 15% making it 52% over the last 2 days.
It has run 83% in the last 2 days and I've gotten 2 nice middle pieces from it.
As I've said before this is my goal, to take middles and move on to the next one.
I'm not trying to guess tops and I'm not trying to guess bottoms, for me anyway, it's alot less stressful and so far I can't argue with my win/loss or profit ratio.

Tues 5/1:

RX in 30.28 out 31.58
TRCR in 14.23 out 15.29
EVCC in 1.33 out 1.82

Good day today, just how I like them, just a couple trades, all good profits with a close to rocket launch on EVCC at 37%

Monday 4/30:

AVNR in 3.70 out 3.60
XFML in 11.60 out 11.60
GROW in 26.80 out 28.05
ROCM in 24.06 out 24.46
IOTN in 6.20 out 6.34
MDII in 1.82 out 1.86
AGIX in 3.18 out 3.45
CRNT in 6.75 still in, held,out Tues 6.94
SNCR in 23.45 out 22.97
IDMI in 9.49 out 10.37

Not a great day for me as there were just too many things I saw running that I liked and in some cases went with not the best choices I guess but that happens. The weird thing was the Nas down 32 and so many good setups.

I flinched on a great alert by member Stockgal on SWRI at a price of under 1.80, then decided to let it go. Big mistake as it climbed steadily to close at 2.24.

Monday 4/23:
FRPT in 21.40 out tues 23.90
KRSL in 22 out 24
DNDN in 15.70 out 16.50
SCR in 16.30 out 17.40
AGEN in 3.39 out 3.55
VION in 1.80 out 2

Tues 4/24:
TRCR in 12.06 out 13.39
HTI in 9.70 out 9.91
CYRX in 2.09 out 2.31

Wednesday 4/25:
RVBD in 32 out 34.50
MBLX in 24.05 out 25
XNPT in 36.80 out 41.10
ZRAN in 21 out 19.50
IDSA in 10.55 out 13.20
ROCM in 27.45 out 27.40
CTDC in 3.63 out 3.75

Thursday 4/26:
VDSI in 19.50 out 22.20
CBRX in 3.03 out 2.91
AGIX in 3.03 out 3.08
AVNR in 3.50 out 3.47
RKT in 40.10 out 42.80
AEIS in 23.90 out 25.25
XNPT in 42.39 out 44.30
AGIL in 7.51 out 7.55
LEND in 11.69 out 12.26

Friday 4/27:
SNTO in 2.65 out 2.87
MCHP in 40 out 41.38
MDII 1.68 out 1.80
QDEL 14.70 out 14.76
MBLX in 27.05 out 28.21
UCTT in 15 out 15.09
IDSA in 14.03 out 14.90
ICGN in 1.50 out 1.60
ULTI in 28.15 out 29.24

Understand some of these were alerted by others in the chat, I didn't see them all at the time of their volume spike/price upping on hod list. Since I know a ton of stocks I usually know which ones I want to get into.
This is what the chatroom is about and I thank all who participate.


Stock Gal said...

I think this is very useful info! Glad to see it posted. So out of 16 entries and exits in 3 days you had 14 gains and only 2 losses. Not too shabby at all!!

Anonymous said...

I think its excellent idea so we know what your trading intraday.
(Entry and Exits)
I thought all the trades you did was just daytrading with no overnight holds.

Timingtrader said...

Hi Muddy,

Could you let me know what will be your rough annual compound gain (percentagewise speaking)?

Since you are going full-time trading, this will give me a rough idea of finacial goal I can achieve if I go full time (of course, to catch up your experience)?


I sometimes logged in using user name ttrader.

Anonymous said...

why I can understand your question, it is meaningless in my opinion. What does it matter(except to himn of course), what kind of return MUDDY gets?
YOU have to learn the ropes and you CAN learn from him. Master only 10% of his skill and you will be wildly successful beyond all your dreams.
Study, read, study again, look at charts, trade with small money, experiment and get your skills up to speed. Those are the things that will actually help you. Not "return" figures.



Anonymous said...

Timingtrader that's was a stupid question.

You have two doctors one has 1 year experience and the other has 40 years experience how much percentage wise do they both make?
It takes time being a trader its does not come easy there are no quick fixes to make instant money.
Learning is a slow process just like a doctor who studies for years then does his first operation after 10 years.

Just pick up some of Muddy's wisdom you might learn something and then make some money.

Timingtrader said...

Hi all,

Maybe my question has already been answered. Thanks anyway!

I asked this question with due respects to Master Muddy. If he makes 500%, 50% will be my goal. If he makes 50%,5% won't be good for me to go FT. Is this clear?

I like the mentor-tutor relationship advocated in this blog.



Muddy said...

Hi Timingtrader,

Since I've gone to 95% daytrading the first week of January I'm up about 125% in these last 4 months.

I occasionally hold a stock overnight but for the most part all I'm trying to do is take a profit somewhere out of the middle of a stocks daily run consistently.
That is why it doesn't bother me at all to enter a stock up 20% or more during the day.

Anonymous said...

Wern & Anonymous,

Who are you guys to call a question stupid??? I think Timingtrader asked a perfectly legitimate question. Even though it is little too personal and Muddy could choose not to answer it but I see nothing wrong with Timingtrade’s question.

Personally I find it encouraging when I see somebody doing so good. It gives me hope and something to shoot for, even if it could take decades.

Timingtrader said...

Hi all,

Thanks to all that responded, expecially to Muddy's.

I think everyone looks at things using different perspectives. It's OK to think differently. But being polite won't cost us anything.

Thanks again to Muddy for answering this a bit personal question. It is encouraging. I will have a lot more to learn from you.

My best wishes to all!

StockRake said...

You can only dream of mimic'n the master :).

StockRake aka limestar in the chat room. I still can't wake up.

Anonymous said...

So what is wrong with dreaming???? Infact, trading/investing is nothing but an effort of realizing the DREAM of financial independent.

Kirit said...

I like your posts for "My Trades" section, i was wondering if it is possible to post alert when you entered the stock at the time of entering the stock or close to the buy price so we can study the chart setups in real time and maybe go in with you (after doing our own DD).You could possibly post in chat or blog, or even yahoo instant messenger or ... Any comments would be appriciated, Thanks

Anonymous said...

would prefer to see the day as a number instead of the name of the day

Anonymous said...

Hi Muddy,

Just wondering what made you to get out of NTLS at 22.90 on thursday (5/3)? Were you trailing it with 1%?

Muddy said...

Actually since I had gotten a dollar+ out of it when it hit it's hod of 23.14 I decided to sell if it looked like it was gonna hang below the even 23 dollar mark if it fell below this 23.
It just so happens that it was 1%

Anonymous said...

Muddy, I have a question do you always use a -5% trailing stop under the price as it moves up or do you use something less than that? Do you use margin or cash account?

Do you use trendlines on charts or just moving averages as a guide?
Like 10/60 on a 5 minute chart.

I know price and volume is the most important to determine if stocks have any strength or not.


Muddy said...

I'll only use a trailing stop of 5% on stocks under $2 and then only until i'm at breakeven,5% up.
Then I tighten it to 3% so I can almost gaurente a small profit if it begins to fall at that point.
Stocks $2 to $10 I'll usually trail with an initial trailer of 4%.
Stocks over $10 I usually start with a 3% trailer.
Ones higher than $20 I try to see if I can get close to a dollar out of them,if I reach this point I'll usually up the trailer to 1-1.5%

I use a margin account.

I do not use either trendlines or moving averages to determine a stop.
On occasion if I only have 1 or 2 positions open in a daytrade and I can watch closely I will use the 10/60 cross for a stopout point.
But really of late I've found my time is better spent stalking the hod list constantly than trying to watch the 10/60 to determine my stop.
When I'm in front of the pc I'm afraid I'll miss one like BIOS
Friday that ran nuts in 8 minutes.If I'd been doing something else like checking intraday charts I could very well of missed that one's run.

Anonymous said...

Hi Muddy,

When did you first start trading?

Was there someone in your family who taught you how to trade or did you learn the hard way where you lost money for a couple years before you become better at it.

Did you take any seminar or courses to improve your daytrading results? or was it all pretty much self-taught?

Muddy said...

I started to learn to trade from my uncle when I was 15 in 1963.
He was a pretty bigtime trader of the Darvas method back then.
I placed my first trade about a year or so later.
I knew absolutely nothing about trading when he began teaching me and I think that helped tremendously as he was an awesome trader and I never really picked up many bad habits and tried to keep things simple,just like he taught me.

As far as daytrading goes I'm self taught and still learning,I hope.

bp said...

Hi Muddy,
this thread is quite old but I don't know where else to put my question.

How do you use to enter into these runners?

I found quite difficult to determine my entry price when it starts to run. My problem is that there is quite a big dance on the bid / ask (which as you pointed also signalizes there is something going on) and usually there is big spread. So on one hand I don't want to miss the run on the other hand I don't want to buy too high.

For example yesterday (9-Jan-08) I spotted VRUS at 9:42 at around $24. Looking at it for a while I suddenly realized the price is already above 27. Saying myself "well man, you just missed it" I moved to another one reallizing later that it went up to $32.

Can you please describe how you enter into them?

Thank you
Best regards

Scott D said...

Muddy, I listened to your interview and liked what I heard, it seemed logical, with a process. So I looked at the trades done on Tuesday July 10th and was somewhat confused. ASYS was up 7% on Monday the 9th, so I see how that was "set-up", but looks like the others were entered based on intraday momentum on Tuesday. Do you use specific rules or mostly discretionary?

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