Sunday, March 18, 2007


I've talked about these many times in our old chat years ago.

I've mentioned it once on the " 100% STOCKS " post dated 1/1/07, so please if you are interested is these kind search and read that post.
In that post I referred to AQUA as running from .05, after it b/o 12/4 on 930k shares, after being a zero volume stock ( pointing of course to a very unknown stock) to .30 just 2 days later!
In the past week we had BTEM b/o 3/13 on 1.4 mil shares after being a zero volume on 2/14.
On that b/o day it closed at .70.
3 days later it sits at 2.22
All 3 days have shown over a mil shares trade on this former 0 volume stock.

ZROS this week kept on running.
It's 2/13 b/o on 2.5 mil shares at .545 came after being a 0 vol on 12/21.
Friday's close was 1.63

One scan that finds these easy plus other stocks of interest is simply :

stocks where volume is 500 percent above average volume(90)
and price is between .05 and 20
and date offset is 0
You can use any volume you want,I most times limit it to over 200,000 shares.

With a date offset to 3/13/07,last Tues, brings up LEND NEWC both +175% and BTEM at +217% into Fridays close


M.A.S said...

good stuff...gobble gobble gobble!

Anonymous said...

muddy i had a great day watchen you folks in the room. i will try to look for this HOD list you mention.....did you subscribe to to get this? enjoy guys loved the post. Seq

Muddy said...

Hope you enjoy.

Hi Seq,
The HOD list I speak of is the realtime scrolling high of day list my broker provides.