Thursday, April 19, 2007

Re: the gift that keeps on giving

Hiya Loki,

Nice recap on two great trades!

I think someone in chat today asked about the 10/60 cross on MDII. Here's a chart on the cross. I have posted before that the cross is not significant by itself. HAS TO HAVE volume and price upping.

I won't even comment on the 10/60 sell cross. If using a trailing stop as Muddy and Loki do, you would have been out way before that cross down.


tulanch said...

just prior to the cross, looking at the candles, do you think the doji candles are important? I think they attempt to signifiy a change in direction (buyer/sellering motivation) - just wondering if that is yet another positive indication


Anonymous said...

imo,the doji candles are very important as the bigger quick runners often seem to have them on the 5 minute chart more often then not.