Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Right here is where I got this.

This is where my ideas came from for this long port.

Up 19% in a month, up from the 12.75% overall on Friday. The entire list of 20 I had on watch on 6/18 for these buys is up 9% overall in a month. Stockbee is the real deal.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Rocking Stocks in the Chat Room Today

I took a day off from work today. Not a lot of new trades, but since some I own are SMTX, LPHI, NVDA I was smiling.

Super calls on SHOR, ELON, BQI, DYII, OTD, TNRO, ANTP and many others.
For example:
Muddy called TNRO at 1.68, closed at 2.02.
Loki called ELON at around $20, closed 22.09.

Muddy called DYII at the exact breakout today. Take a look at the chart here. This is the power of the scrolling HOD list. He didn't even know the stock, but it was running. If you have to research and look at a yearly chart on these type you miss the run. I didn't play this one, but I took OTD when it starting running on the HOD list when Muddy gave the headsup:
(Jul 16-13:25) Muddy: OTD getting vol .40/.41
(Jul 16-13:25) Muddy: gotta be news
(Jul 16-13:26) Muddy: volume flying
(Jul 16-13:26) Loki: yes news

(Jul 16-13:33) Muddy: thnks loki

I got filled at .46 after the call, holding for the likely morning gap. (And no, didn't look at a chart before I bought.)

IS ANYONE else watching the HOD list? This is a MOMO chat room yet we have people putting up stocks with no reason give, or a 4 cent day range, or no volume at all. With 30-40 people in chat each day, seems like others would see stuff before Loki and Muddy sometimes but there is very little input from others except for a few.