Sunday, June 17, 2007



Because I daytrade from the same basic account amount week after week,whatever I have left at the end of 6 weeks after living expenses I roll into an IRA type account for the long haul.
This week I will buy a few of these to add to that account.

They are at or near their 52 week highs,they have not violated the 20SMA in awhile and many have hopefully just started a fresh run after having a b/o that included volume and news/earnings.


Anonymous said...

hi Muddy,
Thank you for your list! How will you determine which of the stocks that you will enter this week?

Anonymous said...

What I try to do is enter on a slight rise in price so I took the ones from the list of 20 that had a rise in price the previous day of at least 2% and watched for them to go green on decent volume
There were 9 from the list that were up 2%+ on Friday.They were:


Of those RCCC was not holding green while I was watching and MFRI had very poor volume.

That left 7 and as I was looking to buy no more than 5 I ranked them in order of highest dayrange(30).

That gave me buy signals on KMGB LPHI FCSX CAVM ZOLT

So that are the 5 I have

Anonymous said...

hi,muddy how and were could i find the dayrange (30) for a stock so tha i can rank them

Anonymous said...

I use this at Stockfetcher;

close price is between xxx and xxx and average day range(30)is greater than xxx

Putting in the numbers for say LPHI today which closed at 39.88 it would look like this:

close price is between 39.87 and 39.89
average day range(30)is greater than 0

toggling the dayrange number you get 6.44 as its adr30 until it disappears from the filter

you can also do what I do and have ADR30 as an added column to all your filters so all stocks automatically show it

Pradeep Bonde said...

What happened, you have no posts since many weeks. How does one enter your chat?

Anonymous said...

Hi Pradeep,

I've sorta lost interest as the number of comments on my posts dwindled down steadily to zero on many posts.
I stopped posting my trades for the same reason.
I know that many think of me as just a "gunslinger" type from my daytrades and I understand that that type of trading is only for a very few who can watch the markets without a job to interfere and also it can be regarded as risky if you are inexperienced.

But I thought that the posts on the longer term stock picks posts GOING LONG and STOCKS I'M LOOKING TO BUY would draw a bunch more comments then they have.

I started out trading the Darvas Box method way back in 1965 and still love to play longer term types like these with the extra money left over from my daytrading after living expenses.

To enter the chat just click on the link to the right "My Chat".

Rick said...

Hi Muddy,

I read your Blog every day, but seldom comment. I don't comment as most of comments would be questions and I don't want to bother you. Thanks for the Site and all of the information you share. If I didn't have a full time job and I had bigger family jewels I would trade your strategy daily.

StockRake said...

I'm perceived similarly as you Muddy by looking at my stats as well. Blog readers want to read about ETF's and slow money trades. This fast money stuff is not for most people.

I haven't been on the chat in awhile, but I'll get back this week under my other name...

Anonymous said...

Hi Rick,
Thanks for reading.
Please always ask any questions you may have.That's what we're here for.
Since I've been trading so long I take alot of stock stuff for granted now but I remember when I was learning,the many questions I had,so ask away.

Your point is well taken,thanks.
We've missed you in chat,hope to see you back soon.

mlgreen8753 said...

Have you considered Mentor Capital (MNTR)? They have a 20 percent interest in a cancer immunotherapy company with promising FDA clinical trials on the way that could positively impact the value of Mentor Capital stock.

Anonymous said...

MNTR is pump crap ,witnessed by the 24% drop today...until it actually if ever,breaks I could care less about it
There's tons "expected approvals"
lucky if 1% even sniff it...good luck if you're in..I hate dead money

Anonymous said...

MNTR down 25% on a whopping 2,000 shares today.

I hope you're just naive,not another jackass spammer

Anonymous said...

Hi Muddy,
I think I'm one of those newbies that found it hard to trade the fast morning openings. But I did start tracking the stocks from your non-day trade scan. I basically manually trend traded them, buying and holding till a technical top or end of trend happened. The avg wasn't any different from another volume/volatility I used for comparison. But the LTgreen list had some big movers. My next step was to add trailing exits and the portfolio results started improving quite a bit to around 6% on weekly basis. I have enough here to move to more realistic simulation with limited capital (can't play full watchlist) and loss prevention (tighter stops) both of which can cull runners from the list.

Here's an example trade (pulled from investorslive old scan since green's isn't posted no more). RAME was entered into Trend strategy1 9/13@.92 for 70% gains thru 10/2@1.61. Subjective manual exit on long tails and end of trend markers.
I then ran it on a newer (read less reliable) near term strategy as follows. RAME was added to this strategy picking 1/3 marks off a previous major bar for 1.81 and 1.42 as short/long target entries. The 1.81 limit sell triggered a day or two later on Oct 7 on wide bar at 9:30@1.90 and exited on percent profit target giving an actual at 9:44@1.64avg for 10% gain. So far I like the results and wanted to thank you for this blog.