Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Right here is where I got this.

This is where my ideas came from for this long port.

Up 19% in a month, up from the 12.75% overall on Friday. The entire list of 20 I had on watch on 6/18 for these buys is up 9% overall in a month. Stockbee is the real deal.


slotmonkey said...

Yes indeed, Stockbee is the real deal alright. If I can just wrap my head around one of his ideas maybe I can make some real money. Lately he has really stepped it up a notch with his offering just in time for earnings season, i.e. hunting season.

Pradeep Bonde said...


John said...

Hi Muddy,

I wonder if you could direct me to one of your posts that explains the rules for "wait for the green".
Looking for info on % rise before jumping in, and what to do if it opens green, do you still wait for the % increase.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,
"Wait for green" means waiting until the price at the moment is above yesterdays CLOSE.
1 or 2% is enough for me in almost all cases.
Myself I especially like the ones on my current high % dayrangers list and ones from my nightly 8% gained/lost list from the day before.
Also on former past runners that I know.
Even better if they are going from red(negative)to green.
If they open green you have to decide if you think they are up too much or not to enter,I'm afraid that's an experience thing but if they show volume spikes and were on either the afterhours and/or premarket leader board they usually have a decent run for at least 30 minutes or so if you are daytrading.
If the reason they were on the leader board was because of earnings or FDA news you can have a possible all day runner.

One big help in deciding whether to enter or not I think is charting them on the 10min/60min MA cross.
If they are just starting to cross that 10/60(and I love ones that are at or have just crossed an EVEN dollar mark with the 10/60)you've usually got a got shot of a decent run.
The link to explain the 10/60 cross is over on the right under "important posts"
Also this link shows another example of it.

Anonymous said...

That last link for the 10/60 doesn't seem to work so try this.
In the search box enter:

10/60 sma crosses nwacq

John said...

Thanks for your quick and informative response.


slotmonkey said...

Going from red to green means the market has reversed direction and is going in the direction that you want the trade to be heading. Just another perspective that will help to gain a more intuitive understanding of why this entry technique makes a lot of cents.