Thursday, April 5, 2007


IDMI ran 67% from it's open price of 6.12 in about 40 minutes.

I see so many folks going for nickels and dimes and this is why I don't do that.
One hit like this even every few months can increase profit returns big.

One needs to break away from the crowd in order to get an edge in the market.
Here's how I found IDMI and why I had it loaded ready to trade before the open .

(Apr 04-09:28) Muddy: IDMI may run awhile

(Apr 04-09:34) Muddy: ha IDMI

(Apr 04-09:35) Muddy: right did run from 6.12

(Apr 04-09:56) Muddy: on AH last night big IDMI and was sq/vol/br on earnings

(Apr 04-09:56) Muddy: figured it would blow

(Apr 04-10:04) TraderJJ: huge, very nice, one of those last min premkt stocks

(Apr 04-10:04) TraderJJ: /low premkt vol

(Apr 04-10:06) Muddy: IDMI IDM Pharma, Inc. $5.25 $6 14.29% 14,180

(Apr 04-10:06) Muddy: AH close last night

(Apr 04-10:10) loki3361: 10

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