Saturday, April 7, 2007


As Stockbee would say, IDMI had an episodic moment. That's why it's important to remember Former Runners. This stock may never go again, but many do, and that's why it's important get to know stocks and how they behave. GOAM, ZICA, and REFR are a few that come to mind. They may go quiet for a long period of time, but when one day they start running on the HOD list (with volume), you better pay attention!

Check out this post on The Point of Focusing. Here were two days where huge profits could have been made, since every stock on here I knew as a past runner.

New traders need to start building a mental list like this. It can be invaluable to your future trading since you don't need to study the chart in depth, you can just go on green if you know their history.

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