Tuesday, December 12, 2006


This only applies to the folks that can watch the market during the day but i think if folks would focus in on the stocks they know can run much better than the avg stock ( for me it's the ones on my favorites list ) and pay attention to things like volume spikes, higher than normal volume, even dollar and 50 cent crosses on the smaller ones, NEW HOD'S , going green after a few days down and/or going green after sitting still for an hour or so, and bid jumping above ask even as the price does not rise,etc. they could up their gains considerably.

These are some of the things i pointed out on stocks from my favorites list in our chat in the last 2 days
Monday :
(09:44) Muddy: NWACQ went green 5 cross ... from that $5 green cross it closed at 5.70 and to 6.54 hod today.
(09:59) Muddy: GOAM vol coming here 8 ... it ran to 9.24 in a few hours.
(10:47) Muddy: IEAM 4.3 from fastk fri
(10:48) Muddy: well inside lbb now ... getting vol spikes there it ran to close at 4.80
(11:10) Muddy: MAMA action again over 2.5 ... the action was vol spiking and the bid jumping over ask repeatedly. From that 2.50 we all know where it is now. Then just 5 minutes later:
(11:15) Muddy: EFJI hod 6.13 vol scan ... It then went to 7.08 closing at 6.80
(11:45) Muddy: lower avg vol HAYZ a MZ bounce moving back up from 3,on vol scan ... gapped up at open,came back to $3 then went to 3.64 closing at 3.50
(12:10) Muddy: XNN near hod ... on my watch because a momo from recent sq/vol/break,it ran from the price then 3.65 to 3.98 in 30 mins,closing at 4.05
(12:31) Muddy: NRPH 56 may be good few % new 52s ... good it was closing at 57.95 after hitting 5914 quickly.

Today :
(09:42) Muddy: HTI hod 6.4 ... another momo recent sq/vol/break it ran to 7.15 quickly closing at 6.99
(11:19) Muddy: ROHI pop 2.4 ... hod 2 day ago sq/vol/break on favorites list also it quickly ran to 2.94,closing at 2.50
(13:47) Muddy: watch CVDT at 3.4 hod(13:47) Muddy: new issue has vol ... right to close at 3.58
(15:10) Muddy: fav CNLG hod 2.5 ... only 50 mins until close it closes at 2.75
(15:13) Muddy: fav CLWT hod 3.82 ... only 3 mins later i see this one at 3.82 it hits hod before close 4.05(15:54) Muddy: HLYS hod 32 (15:54) Muddy: closing strong ... Only 6 mins left this momo new issue gives 2% at a 32.60 close.

I realize i have decades of trading experiance and know many of these stocks like the back of my hand but newer folks should take note,concentrate on stocks you know up to this point and the things that seem to make them go.



Ed said...

Thanks for the guidance Muddy. Tying the chat notes into the lesson really helps illustrate the guidance. Really appreciate your generous efforts and helpful nature Muddy. Say hi to Sammy ok:)

Muddy said...

Well you're welcome,just ask away if you have any other questions.
I'll say hi to Sammy as soon as he wakes up,long day of squirrel chasing,you know