Saturday, December 15, 2007


for next week plus the highest 140 % runners on the basic TSS listed in order of number of times they've run 10-19% in the last 100 days.

As I've said before I scan the HOD list most of the time during the day but to take a break and give my eyes a rest every once in awhile I quickly flip through all these watchlists looking for stocks that are looking like they are ready to break new hods.
It's a great way to find the ones you miss on the actual scrolling HOD list.
I always seem to catch a few nice ones a week this way I'd otherwise miss.
And the way some of these higher rangers I watch run sometimes it's well worth the effort.

I also scan premarket leaders, especially paying attention to ones that hit the leader board late near the open.
Also I note the stocks that were on the afterhours leader list but don't appear on the pre leaders list or are late hits to it.
Also 15/20 minutes before open I run through all my Scott watchlists and look only at stocks that have premarket volume and the bid is at or over the previous closing price with the ask quite a bit higher than the bid.
This is another reason I like to keep so many watcthlists because many of these I don't see on any other premarket leader lists and some really do run well.
Earnings news and drug news (RIGL whoa!) off the premarket lists I pay very close attention to.

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Anthony said...

Thanks for the lists, Muddy! It is greatly appreciated =).