Monday, December 10, 2007


I found a new IHub trading site, Wealth University, created 10/23 that I've been following since its inception.
Chartinator, the moderator over there seems to be a real stand up guy, plus his charting, advice, and trading abilities also seem to be outstanding.
They have opened a portfolio over there and they started with $2000 on 11/03.
After the last closed trade on 12/6 the port stands at 15,438!

There is no pump crap that I've ever seen there and all trades are posted with the exact trade alert prices and exits.
I think there is a lot one could get out of this site. Here's the link if you'd like to check it out HERE.


TheRumpledOne said...


bp said...

I don't want to look like hairsplitter but their $Progress Tracker$ doesn't seems to be very trustworthy. I wanted to see their trades and the first 2 lines gave me:
- 11/3/2007 was Saturday so how they bought HIMX I don't know
- to buy 200 YHOO at 31.70 (=$6,340) on 11/5/2007 with $2,088.1 is amazing and to sell it for 32 on 11/7/2007 with high of that day at 29.3 is mirracle

May be they have nice ideas but they definitelly don't have good record of trades.

Anonymous said...

I've watched this since they began and have traded with them and they make some sell trades in pre-market. They also use margin, which they show next to symbol, to buy some of their picks such as yahoo.

Anonymous said...

The WU portfolio has just topped the $23,000 mark starting with $2000 only 3 months ago.