Monday, December 17, 2007


JBLU and DNDN blasted baby! RIGL amazing too.

Muddy: maybe news,real jiggy

Muddy: to near 29 pretty fast

pete: nice

Muddy: way jiggy

Loki: fda approval

Muddy: 52s now

Muddy: ahhh ok

davidb: RIGL is in a channel....on support right now...see if its going to break and head down or bounce off it

pete: JBLU popping also

Muddy: yes good eye JBLU

Muddy: CYBS more

Muddy: JBLU sweet

davidb: looks like RIGL broke support and heading down

TraderJJ: ADPI 5.50 nopw

jake: ICE coming out of pennent or triangle? 179

syl20: CORT popped on thin vol

Loki: DNDN lil pop

Muddy: DNDN pop too

Loki: on cnbc now

Loki: weeeeeeeee

syl20: jiggy

Muddy: weeeeeeeeeeeeee 7

pete: JBLU over 7 also

Muddy: JBLU huge ,nice one

Muddy: right off the hod list,ha both of them

StockRake: is there anywhere else that provides a hod list besides scottrade?

pete: whoa 8 JBLU

Muddy: JBLU NUTS too ,8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loki: sweeeeeet

Loki: I have it on etrade Stock

StockRake: i dont know if Ameritrade has the capability...

StockRake: whoa JBLU more

kc: JBLU rumor of Lufthansa buying stake

Muddy: tad over 8 again JBLU

Muddy: when i traded some with Ameri it didn't

kc: BMRN drug approval

clunk: News out on JBLU now

clunk: Lufthansa buying a stake

clunk: BMRN hod

Muddy: LRN 24 touch

pete: CTCT popping

pete: USBE more hod

clunk: DNDN more

syl20: FLML new hod 9.27

Loki: FLML lil pop

Loki: BBGI huge pop, low vol

pete: RIGL more

Muddy: RIGL more

clunk: NWK halt

StockRake: AKNS...

Muddy: pre AMIS back hods

StockRake: RIGL

StockRake: market might be rallying here

Muddy: RIGL 22

mrstrader: MELI HOD cross 52

goongreen: whatuc Stock?

StockRake: PRKR anyone mention that one?

Muddy: AMIS 9.25

goongreen: MELI pop

therumpledone: Hey Muddy, did you buy RIGL?

mrstrader: MELI cross 53

Muddy: yes about where i called near open

clunk: RIGL wow

therumpledone: man...

TraderJJ: unreal

Muddy: yeah good drugs!

goongreen: what drug for?

goongreen: MELI pop to 53.76


clunk: arthritis

clunk: drug day today lol

Muddy: sorry that crappy ad got in my msg.

goongreen: thx

goongreen: no apology w/ 400%

Loki: MELI rippin

mrstrader: MELI cross 54 this i swhere I het confused

TraderJJ: 400%

TraderJJ: ?

pete: muddy, are you still in RIGL?

goongreen: MELI maneater 54

Muddy: pete yes

goongreen: FLML pop to 9.28

pete: nice, it shook me out during lunch with that dip

Muddy: 21 stop now

goongreen: steroids taking hit...Mitch on CNBC...dealers panicky

Loki: short em !

Muddy: oh yeah the baseball hearing

goongreen: lol...

goongreen: CAAS big pop

Muddy: 22 stop RIGL

clunk: will it do 200%?

clunk: lol

ASton: USBE lookin 4 mo

syl20: unbelievable

syl20: LRN over 25

Muddy: yes 25

Muddy: AMIS more 9.35

Loki: MASI ipo pop 40

Muddy: MASI on 52s run 40

mrstrader: a little late, but ENS HOD

davidb: JBLU halted

davidb: Lufthansa stake is only a rumour

StockRake: uh oh

mrstrader: OMTR back over 31

goongreen: oooops!

Loki: SUF lil pop

goongreen: lil bird EXAS big pop

Muddy: yes

syl20: SQNM hod 8.17

Muddy: FLML lil more 9.4

TraderJJ: JBLU says halted pending news

TraderJJ: checking news

Muddy: MATK more

goongreen: POZN alift

syl20: CRK over 34

Muddy: POZN nice

goongreen: wuz nutso.

Muddy: USBE inch 10.6

goongreen: RIMM off double bottom on daily...highballers

Loki: WWAT lil pop news

Loki: JBLU news is out if anyone still in

Muddy: china one RCH tad green 9.07

Muddy: LRN hod

davidb: yea, I'm in JBLU..........I think it will open around 7.27, the rumored price from Lufthansa

clunk: Lufthansa paying $7.27 per share for JBLU

clunk: 19% stake

Loki: CPST pop 52's

davidb: Won't see any trading till tomorrow though

davidb: Jetblue have announced it now

syl20: NPSP hod 4.30

Loki: JBLU trade time 3:25

syl20: SQNM hod 8.20

Muddy: DNDN upping back some near 7

TraderJJ: CPST hod

syl20: RIGL back at 23

Muddy: yes

Muddy: i'm out 21.7

syl20: i was out way too early...

StockRake: DNDN news is kinda cool

goongreen: whats say Stock/

goongreen: SUF steady up

Muddy: 200% geez

syl20: RIGL over 24

StockRake: RIGL 24 geez is rt

syl20: man...

syl20: it's killing me

ASton: ha

therumpledone: Muddy... MARKET'S RED, YOU SHOULD BE IN BED!!

TraderJJ: lol

Muddy: ha,yeah thats right

Muddy: JBLU open

therumpledone: Did you ever buy a Zippo from JoeG?

Muddy: hehe,no

mrstrader: OMTR cont. at HOD

Muddy: been steady yes

Muddy: AMIS lil more 9.45

Muddy: JBLU vol flying

syl20: what is the price ?

davidb: everything!

Loki: MASI 41

syl20: FLML at hod 9.49

davidb: RIGL off again

Muddy: looks like more coming yes

therumpledone: Hey Bill, remember that SHORT idea we talk about? I am up over $3,000 now...

therumpledone: I put a portfolio on wallstreet survivor

therumpledone: $3,800 at the

TraderJJ: nice TRO

mrstrader: MASI still making new highs, anyone holding o/n?

therumpledone: Yes, it is way too funny how many ways you can make money off the TRO STAT SCAN...LOL

Muddy: Tro,its easy $$

Loki: not me, will be out before eod MrsT

syl20: FLML 9.70

therumpledone: yes, I was down a grand or so but like you said.. wait about a

Muddy: yeah just wait,most get smoked

Loki: SDTH pop near green

therumpledone: Well, the market DID PEAK while I was

Muddy: FLML going nice

therumpledone: wow RIGL made up that big drop in 2005

therumpledone: bet those people are

goongreen: SUF ablaze

goongreen: 21 green stats scan 12/03

mrstrader: MASI has news/new contract behind this move

Muddy: MASI near 42,nice

therumpledone: Dow and SP500 green

therumpledone: get ready to wake JoeG up

goongreen: MUD run to bank?

goongreen: RIMM 104 kiss

Loki: LULU back 47

mrstrader: OMTR 32

davidb: RIGL new high

TraderJJ: RIGL unreal

ASton: USBE on upping

syl20: amazing ... !!!!

syl20: over 25

syl20: went close to 26

Loki: LRN more

syl20: yeah, was about to say the same thing

mrstrader: CRDC lil pop

Loki: POSS 17 break

Loki: super day, thanks all

goongreen: ty bye

ASton: ditto//

davidb: Thanks for the RIGL tip

ASton: amis

therumpledone: byebye

syl20: bye everyone ... see ya on Monday !


lizzydog said...

Muddy: How can you slow down the high od list on scottrade, it moves so fast I cannot keep up with it?


Laura said...

Hi Lizzy,

Yeah, HOD list a bi*ch first hour or when market is screaming green. Click and hold the window maximize button to freeze it. Release when you are done. I think you can do shift PrtScrn or shift scroll lock or something too. I forget. I think Syl told me this trick.

Anonymous said...

Any suggestions for preparing taxes for daytrading?

Laura said...

If you are using Scottrader,there is a free and easy way. After you log in, on the main window, click My Account tab at the top. Then click Gainskeeper tab on the left sidebar. Follow instructions.

You can also Google "tradekeeper software" and download that. It used to be freeware, but I believe it is shareware now and you must pay $50 for full functionality. Sounds like a bargain to me if you don't trade with Scott.

Both will generate the Schedule D.

Since I (and most) are filing online now (I use Taxact free online), when it asks me to enter my stock trades individually, I just say "multiple trades" or "details on request" and enter the total from Gainskeeper. Have done that the past few years and have never had a problem. There is no way I am going to enter hundreds of trades one at a time!

Hope this helps!

bp said...

Hi Laura and all others,
can you advise me (just your brief info / feeling not analysis / study) if I'm obliged to fill in some form regarding US taxes if I'm non US resident living abroad? (I made only couple of trades)

Thank you

Laura said...

Hi BP,

IMO, can't imagine that you need to file anything in the U.S. I would think profit/loss would be reported in your country.