Friday, August 31, 2007

MOMO STOCKS: Why You Have to Watch the HOD List

If you want to maximize the gains from being a participant in Muddy's chatroom, you HAVE to watch a HOD list. If you don't have one, get one. You only need $500 to open an account at Scottrade. Loki gets a similar feed from E-Trade.

Look at Muddy's MOMO watch list that he loaded for today. Nice stuff. Price and volume. Price and volume. That's all that counts on Momos. Chat reopening soon. See you there! And 32 out of 40 on the ADR list (swishy stocks) were up.


silverstartrading said...

What is the list that Loki gets from etrade? Just curious since I'm a customer....

Loki said...


Here is a link for etrade pro, towards the bottom you will see the description on High / Low ticker and Market data tickers. If your using pro, the access to these features is left side of platform, tool buttons, the bottom 2 are these - labels are High / Low ticker and Ticker.

If your using MarketTrader I'm not sure what the capabilities are as I have never used it. Hope this helps.


Michael said...

I posted momo stocks and you banned my access to the room, I don't understand why....


Laura said...


Try it again.

TraderJJ said...

Hi Laura,
Mine is bouncing too right now, will try again once the chat room is reopened.
(here is the error message I get: JN763. Access rejected from your IP address. )

John said...

Simple question: what does HOD stand for?

Laura said...

After Bodog's comment, I got an e-mail from TraderJJ. She said she was banned too.

Now JJ has been trading with us for forever, so that couldn't be. I unbanned her IP address. Then JJ sent me this email:

"I just got in a-ok, thanks! I think it was the day a few days ago when you closed the room and a handful of people were in it, maybe those names got banned in the process? If so, there will be maybe 3-4 other people with the same situation. Thanks Laura and see you in the room!"

So if anyone else thinks they were banned for no reason, send me an email to lauraj4957 at

Laura said...

Hi John,

HOD=high of day. There are other posts on the blog that outline the way we all use the HOD list to find trades. It is an awesome way to find stocks on the move, which is what this blog and the chatroom are all about.
Search "HOD" on the blog and you will see references to the HOD list on Scottrade.

HOD screenshot

Anonymous said...

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