Thursday, January 4, 2007

Scottrade Market Movers Screenshot

High of days on right, new 52s in green, Low of days on left, new 52 low in red. Click and hold the min/max button on window to freeze it cause it flies too quick to read sometimes.

I am a blogging dummy, I think you need to double click a couple of times to enlarge the pic.


Anonymous said...

let me be the first the thank you. i've been looking for market movers scan on ib, but haven't found it. might be time to change brokers.


Ed said...

This "caveman" style gets better all the time - the Market Movers screen looks like like a smorgasborg of winners (desert:) crisply presented without all the clutter of charts, charts, charts. Well done Elle, thank you.

Elle said...

Hi mstrader, Scott has some flaws, but they execute quick, and the market movers is worth a lot. Doesn't any other discount broker offer this? Hard to believe they don't.

Rhoniel said...

Thanks for all the info that you & Muddy are sharing with us. I have also found that sometimes Scottrade's 'Market Movers' list moves little too fast. I am using Windows-Xp and I cannot find a way to pause it or slow it down. I have also contacted Scottrade technical support but they told me there is no way to slow it down.
Can you please describe in little more detail how can you freeze it?
Thank you.

Laura said...

Hi Rhoniel,

Use your mouse, left click and hold on the maximize button at the top right of the window. When done move your pointer back down into main screen area and release.

Yes, it moves way too fast, especially the first hour. One other thing to try is to watch for green highlighted stocks (hitting 52 wk highs) and freeze it then to see what they are. Also, watch for stock symbols on the list that are aqua, those are ones that are on your open watch list.

Rhoniel said...

After playing with my other PCs, I have found that I can freeze the 'Market Movers' list on my laptop but cannot pause it on two other computers. All are running Windows-XP SP2 with Firefox. Strange indeed.