Saturday, September 8, 2007

Chat Room Notice

Effective immediately, user registration is required to enter the chat room.


blacktruck said...

would not accept my email address...and access was there a problem?

Anonymous said...

Please explain why require registration. Are you planning subscription fees for use? Will the email address be sold to anyone?

Laura said...

Hi blacktruck, send me your desired user name, email address, and IP address and I'll try to straighten it out. send to lauraj4957 at

We set the room up without many rules etc, since Muddy, Loki, and I all believe most people are inherently decent, honest, and respectful.

We have only banned a few people that have repeatedly abused the few rules of the chat. On Friday, a user (and we know who it is) entered with my user name and made admin changes to the site. We had to go to method that gave us more control.

It's a shame that one person had to make it harder for the rest of us.

As far as selling e-mails, Muddy was offered $250K a year a few years ago to set up a subscription service to sell his picks. He turned it down, too much hassle. So ya think he cares about your e-mail address?

biely said...


could you please look at my registration? I have tried to login in the room but couldn't get through.

Thank you in advance
best regards

Laura said...

Hi Biely,

I tried to send you an email last week but it was never delivered. Says your mailbox is full. That might be the problem; if you didn't get the log in email from parachat. If not that, send me your IP addy and I will check the blocked IP list. Doubt you are on it though.

Send email to