Sunday, March 18, 2007


I've seen quite a bit lately posted on other blogs about stocks that have been giving good profits intraday due to their above average day range + the markets continuing volatility range.

I've believed for years this is one of the best angles a daytrader can have.
It is why I follow the higher dayrangers so closely.

Imo,the BEST edge comes from low float stocks with earnings/news releases .
These are relatively unknown stocks.
And what happens often with these kind is unlike known stocks,they usually don't gap up huge right on open from what I've seen.

There was an amazing 8 day period in late Nov that produced 4 of the biggest 1 day runs (on non-penny) you'll find on TRADEABLE (huge volume,non penny stocks):

CRDC 11/20 from 13k shares to 5.6 mil ran from open 5.25 to hod 9.62

CSLR 11/27 from 4k to 2.5 mil ran from open 3.80 to hod 15.09 (that's not a misprint) 279% intraday move!

GOAM 11/28 from 186k to 1.7 mil ran from open 5.22 to hod 6.98

SWAT 11/28 from 80k to 1.4 mil ran from open 6.74 to hod 9.86

CRDC opened even
CSLR the huge runner opened 13% up
GOAM opened 2% up
SWAT opened 4% up

Believe me,I'm not suggesting one could have gotten in at those very low opening prices or sold near the hod's.
What I'm saying is that if you have the heart for volatility (and if you don't that is surely understandable,especially newer traders) taking anywhere out of the middle of these huge runs can give profits that others just wish about in a matter of hours.

A side note: Ironically we started our live chatroom on 11/20 the exact day CRDC went
BTW, All 4 of these stocks were caught and called (probably by TraderJJ,ha) very early from the hod list.

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