Monday, March 12, 2007


This was one of the best classic examples of a sq/vol/br I've seen .
If you look at it on a 6 month chart prior to its b/o 3/8 it shows practically no price movement,trading in a pretty tight channel,especially the last 3 months.
Add to the fact that it was a very light volume stock,many days not trading even 50k shares.

Thurs it b/o on 3.3 mil shares!
Friday it was up at it's hod 66%,trading 5.6 mil shares!

Those looking for a nice 1 day profit Friday this was an easy catch off the hod list as it traded only pennies above its previous close until it zoomed right before noon,then pulled back, then traded sideways until around 2 p.m where it rocketed to 6.85 after opening at 4.18.

Also of note was a stock we've been following awhile WITM.
This was a pullback into the MZ after its most recent sq/vol/br 2/20.
Closed 24% up after going green at the open and rising steadily all day,closing only 2% shy of its hod.


Anonymous said...

Hi Muddy,

I follow your chat room from while to while as jimmy or judgejimmy.
Real nice plays, you preselect the right stocks for daytrading.
I am not a daytrader, since I have a 9 to 5 Job.
Nevertheless I am able to follow from time to time.
What I am looking for is a repository where all your stockfetcher scans are located that you use in order to fill your watchlist.
Keep up the great work!
Andreas alias Judgejimmy

M.A.S said...

hola mudster,
thanks for poppin by my blog, LJPC def has some mo-jo and Ive been buying on the daily dips under 7 bucks, popped over 8 in a down market two days ago and seems to be under accumulation, had a nice pop on the news and seems to want to go higher.."La Joya" as I like to say and hopefully be selling in double digits soon..Good Luck!