Sunday, March 18, 2007


At the day rangers list posted for week of 3/12.

Some really great interday moves on many of them.
One of the best trading weeks I've seen in awhile in fact.

Also over a dozen held double digit gains for the week at Fridays close.

NWACQ 11% DSTI 37% SUF 12% BVSN 25% URRE 10% ONSM 13% FMT 11% FICC 11% CBRX 12% HEPH 15% AVNR 18% NEW 40% and after the symbol change from NEW to NEWC 178%

The hardest hit ones that are still maintaining their volume ICGN UPBS OPBL LTS FORG MAMA URZ GNVC MGRM are definitely still on my watch.

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