Friday, February 9, 2007


These are from my StockTicker port that have done pretty well since adding them and I watch everyday on the HOD list for a possible break on momo.
Please remember I love the dayrange kind and they can often be volitile so if you are newer to trading it might be best to stay away from this kind.
There are 3 that are at their 52 week highs,which is a good sign, and a couple more that are getting close.

My Profitable Stocks

SymbolChange% Off 52wk High
ROHI +120.55 % 81.1 %
LTS +111.67 % At new high
MEMY +92.58 % At new high
ZIXI +57.14 % 16.2 %
TRMM +42.72 % 70.4 %
XOMA +37.45 % At new high
ONSM +26.20 % 11.4 %
FRG +25.00 % 3.2 %
THLD +21.84 % 81.3 %
FORG +20.17 % 36.7 %
LVLT +17.34 % 10.4 %
AVNX +11.79 % 37.7 %


Anonymous said...

hi muddy thanks for all the cool stuff you mention i love your chat room in the mornings too. Its a breath of fresh air! I enjoy learning about stocks and have found that your web site is rather unique. in your chat room a few days back i was the one who asked about your volume scan. i would love it if i could access your link you posted on the web site about 500% above volume .05-20 dollar stocks.....Is there any way that i could get you to email me the link because my computer is very old and i cannot open the link. thanks muddy, i go under the screen name seq in your chat room.

Muddy said...

stocks where volume is 500 percent above average volume(90)
and price is between .05 and 20

It was posted on:

If you don't subscribe to SF I doubt you'll be able to click on the filter.
Not sure