Monday, January 15, 2007


This from a few recent Stockfetcher post:

"I know that I can filter for different candlestick patterns, pattern is bullish engulfing for example, but is there a way that I can filter for just a white candle? "
wallman (Muddy)
12/17/2006 8:12:51 PM

I use "where close is above open."
FWIW, I combine it with "and price is below lower bollinger band(20)"

Just as red candles above (floaters) the UBB can find really nice shorting candidates,white ones below the LBB can find some nice longs.
See DGIT 12/12 AOOR HDTV 12/13 MGRM 1/10 FMDAD 1/8 BCON 1/4 and one that hit a double in less than a month ITKG 11/3 for examples of the chart pattern.

This can bring up some nice swing trades.
TELK from 12/29/06 was caught at bottom (plus the fact it finally worked inside the LLB the next day,another really good angle I've mentioned before).
DRL, 5 days down and with increasing volume on the fastk filter and FMDAD also on the fastk and also 5 days down which went unreal the next day both from 1/8

where close is above open and price is below lower bollinger band(20)and volume is greater than 100000 and price is between .30 and 15
offset is 11/3/06

I left the scan offset to 11/3/06 to show the other nice hits that ran even a few weeks after they hit the filter.
Myself I also add average day range(10)is above 3 percent to weed out the "fund" types which sometimes show up on this filter.
Of course add your own volume and price preferences.

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