Saturday, January 20, 2007


Just like the "floating" red candle above the UBB is often the kiss of death for awhile with many stocks,see recent charts for NTMD LVLT GIGA BVSN MCEL, the floating white candle below the LBB can be a good angle for a rise in price.
CWTR formed such a candle on Friday.
It's not normally a good dayranger and it's a $20 stock but MLS was in the same situation on 1/10 but rose from 15.47 to 22.46 in just 4 days.
FMDAD launched from there on 1/9, then sold off big after more than half (usually as bad as a floater if the red candle is big enough) its red candle was out of the UBB on 1/10.

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