Friday, January 19, 2007

Stock Watch: ASIA 1/19/07

ASIA is on my watch list for trading Friday Jan 19. It came up as a forceswing candidate. As previously mentioned, using the force index for short term trading you would look for a negative 3 day force index and positive 13 day force index. ASIA came up last Thurs. as forceswing watch, and rocketed in trading on Friday, Jan 12. It's been in a downtrend since. Average volume is 430 thousand. Last Friday, volume was almost 3 million. The force index is calculated with the price difference multiplied by the volume, so the volume has to be strong to make this reversal.

[Edit]1/19/07 Market Close: ASIA traded relatively flat today, only managing a $.04 gain to close at $8.15. The stock traded with a volume of 180 thousand. Earnings call scheduled for Wednesday, Jan 24.

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