Thursday, December 7, 2006


Today in the chatroom we had a super day with our heads ups, one of the best i've seen going back to the many months some of us here spent in the BNG chat.
We gave the heads on WBTO at 1.70 TNEN at 1.65 TGEN AT 5.90 that ran to just shy of 7 HTI at 4.80 ERS at 12.70 ARTX at 2.40 that quickly went to 2.75 AURC at .15 SKNN at 2.40 and closed at hod 2.62 IMMU at $3 crossover that hit 3.42 MOVI at 4.18 IMAX at 3.60 and BFLY at $1 that quickly hit 1.20
Please note these were not crappy vol stocks and or sub pennies but very tradeable stocks with tradeable bid/asks.
Taking into account the DOW -31 and NAS-18 ( i didn't even notice it was off that much until after the close ) it was a great day here in chat.
Please join us if you are free during the day.

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