Tuesday, December 5, 2006


I get a lot of questions regarding this so i'll try to explain how i do entries and exits.
For entry points on the UBB zone pullbacks the night before i draw top and bottom trendlines and determine the MidPoint,this is my entry point on A GREEN HOLD,that is the stock must be up at the time of entry,some stocks prices are below this MP and i wait for it to cross it.Others the price is already above this MP and i simply wait for the stock to go GREEN.
For entry points on the fast%k filter i draw the same top and bottom trendlines and determine the MP
BUT there's a difference in my determining the ENTRY point on these DOWNTRENDING stocks as opposed to the even or uptrending UBB pullback charts.After i get the MP from the trendlines on these i look to see if the stock is in a gradual decline as opposed to a steep 1 or 2 day drop.If its a gradual drop i take .93 x's the MP and that is my entry point on GREEN hold.So say the MP is $1 then the entry would be at .93 on GREEN. If the stock is sitting at say .90 then it will have to move only .03 instead of .10,thus giving me the advantage of getting some confirmation yet not giving away that .07 move (my profit now) from .93 to the actual $1 MP.
With stocks that have a steep 1 and/or 2 day drop from the fast%k filter i times the MP by .85

As for exits i usually apply a 3-4% MENTAL stop with a trailing stop of about the same % if the stock goes up. Please remember NO filter will trade for you,a good one only gives you good watches,the trading is up to you to find the best way for you

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