Sunday, February 15, 2009

Seminar 5 February 15, 2009

Trading for a Proprietary Firm

This past week at InvestorsUnderground we've been discussing a solution for the pattern day trade rule. InvestorsLive spent some time speaking with the firm this past week discussing what options you as a trader have if under the Pattern Day Trade rule.

Many of you called them this week with many similar questions and we figured it'd be most beneficial to invite them to the chat room to answer Q and A for everyone at once. It will be documented and we'll add a section for it later this week. This is a great opportunity for those stuck under the PDT rule to have the freedom to take a quick loss and move onto a more profitable trade quickly rather than worrying about using up one of the few trades you're given per week.

Join our live chat tonight at 8 EST, and find out more. Free trial here.

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