Monday, February 16, 2009


Chuck from Cy Group with with us last night and the information he had was just great.
If you've ever wanted to beat the pdt rule plus learn how to trade at the same time you should check out this seminar..

[Sun Feb 15 17:05:27 EST 2009] CyGroup Right, thanks for the intro, — obviously everyone knows that the PDT rule is very restrictive, even for a pro trader, securing 25k to trade is getting harder and harder… — in the world of prop trading, traders are allowed to join a group and trade the firms capital and thus overriding the PDT rule.

Every question was answered HERE


Anonymous said...

Look guys....Cygroup is a great option for bypassing the PDT restriction..IF AND ONLY IF you are CONSISTENTLY making $$ on a daily basis....

If you're not then having access to that additional capital can hurt you more than it can help...

This is a high stake game with a very high take your time and learn to be consistent on a daily /weekly basis b4 heading over to the Cygroup or even using margin for more buying power...

Best of luck...


InvestorsLive said...

Agree on buying power - shouldn't do that at all - just use whats given... however half of trading succesfully is taking losses quickly before they become uncontrollable... thus being able to quickly without worrying about using up a trade is helpful

I also think it gives you wrong chances and teaches you to protect your capital aka take losses quickly, you can't decide if you are a great trader on 3 trades a week .... you'd be cheating yourself if you based it off that - swing trading sure, thats different

By NO MEANS do I think more than 1:1 should be taken especially if a noob, but if you're around all day and trading college, part time, full time or whatever..

Wed Feb 18_09:26:11 EST 2009] InvestorsLive smartcap its not about trading with 100k, its about being restricted to 3-4 trades a week… as I suggested I would NOT suggest taking more than 1:1 until you prove you can do it

[Wed Feb 18_09:26:35 EST 2009] InvestorsLive if you can trade as many times as you want and have the ability to take a loss at any moment and not worry about using up a trade.. that’s what its really all about

[Wed Feb 18_09:26:51 EST 2009] netdawgx exactly IL

[Wed Feb 18_09:26:54 EST 2009] InvestorsLive you’d be stupid to take/use all 100

[Wed Feb 18_09:28:09 EST 2009] InvestorsLive I told people to request 1 to 1 or 2:1 to start out and see how they do in the different atmosphere of being able to trade whenever they want