Monday, January 19, 2009

Tim Sykes' Pennystocking Part Deux Review

Timothy Sykes' Pennystocking Part Deux educational trading DVD utilizes many charts to illustrate when to short and yes, when to buy these often manipulated stocks. The beginning of the DVD covers some basics such as the importance of risk management and then moves on to cover when to buy penny stocks. He reviews how to spot breakouts and the various types of breakouts such as technical, manipulation, and squeeze breakouts. Tim uses many chart examples to show you how to recognize and buy into the breakout. An important point he hammers home is that these breakouts can be very strong at times so don’t short into strength just because you think it can’t go higher. It can, it may.

The next lesson moves on to how and when to short and the chart patterns to look for. He shows you how to spot the breakdown, afternoon fade, volume fading, message board chatter dwindles etc. Once again, with dozens of charts, he shows you the exact things to look for on the chart such as waiting for the first red day. Tim does a nice job with the charts of illustrating that most of the breakdowns have similar characteristics. He then reviews when to cut losses and take profits.

Discs 2-3 dig much deeper into breakouts and super-novas. He uses some of the same stock charts from the lessons on Disc 1 and goes into more detail (and a lot more intraday charting) on morning spike patterns and how to play the super-nova pattern. He discusses the reasons why the breakout is occurring and which breakouts to avoid such as a fundamental breakout on good earnings. He also covers how to spot support and resistance in a simple, not overly technical, way. Disc 4 continues covering the breakouts, particularly ones caused by stock pumpers, spam mailers and PR. Dozens more charts show the signals to watch for to go long and the time to short. Tim reviews and sums up the key points of trading at the end.

If you’ve ever been afraid to buy a breakout because it already looked too high, or ever shorted too soon and gotten squeezed as the stock continues upwards, then Pennystocking Part Deux will definitely help you decipher the charts and understand that the movements are not random. There are reasons for the way these stocks move and Tim does a great job revealing those reasons in an easy to understand way.

Overall a very good value for new and experienced traders alike, packed with lessons on how to trade these volatile pennies. For more information on Tim’s instructional DVDs, click the Tim link in the right sidebar of the blog.

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