Monday, January 19, 2009

MY TAKE.....Tim Syke's Pennystocking Part Deux Review

Laura and I watched this together...I agree on all points she made...
I'll add this,to me this DVD was a playground,I loved the charts and the stocks he talked about in those charts.
Why,because I remember those runs and know every last one of them.
Certainly you won't unless you follow stocks as much as I do,but the point is Tim knows exactly which stocks and charts to use as examples.
That to me says a lot about his junk here...just the best examples to learn from.
Being gonzo myself,I really liked the part where he talks "Boring Breakouts" and choppy messy charts.
Just as I feel,Tim feels the same way.
The stocks/charts he uses as examples of these are dead on...we are looking for potential big movers,not yawners...Tim does a great job here with these.

One thing I have to disagree with is he says his niche isn't really scalable.
Ok,I understand he is looking for the "Super plays" and that is correct if you just look for those because there are so few,it's not scalable in that vein.
But here is the thing to me,which to me makes his niche so awesome.....IF you can master getting into Tim's head,how he looks at this angle you CAN make it scalable.
By this I mean one doesn't need just the Super Play...
Myself I can find a few dozen a week off his angle that in essence aren't Super but way good enough on the risk/reward side,both long and short.
Remember,Super Plays don't always pan out,nothing is 100%.
What I'm saying If you understand this niche, imo,you can find a bunch of others that give you great possible trades.
To me this is even a greater testimonial to this DVD.
You work hard,learn your stocks and the patterns Tim describes (just on a lesser scale in relation to their breakouts/runs) daytrade them,I say you can scale this into big time cash.
Funny but I don't even think Tim realizes what a gold mine this can be to an EXPERIENCED trader who comes close to mastering this niche he has.
In closing, this DVD is worth every penny,'s a dark corner of the trading world,one that he brings to light.


Stock Trades said...

I was wondering if the system is for real or just something he sells to make money. Sounds like it's worth the money.

Anonymous said...

Tim you can see puts alot of effort into this DVD,like I said,I know the ones he should have had in his examples of stocks/charts.
I know because I follow the same kind he does..they just come up on my scans nightly and I memorize them..
It's for real but only worth the money if you are into/or think you'd like to get into this type of trading...others with their market blah blah just should stay away.
It's the niche thing,what one finds interesting,another finds no value in have to decide

Anonymous said...

If it is like the first edition of the DVD, it will be valueable ONLY if you are very very new to this type of trading. Virtually everything in it was "old hat" and I had only been studying the low-price stocks on GOTS and DarkSide for a few months. Most notable aobut the DVD set and workbook was what was missing, not what was included; for instance, the value of filtering and scanning and how to do them was a glaring ommission. I couldn't help but htink he was holding back the goods in order to sell the next thing to you.
Maybe the "Part Deux" is that next thing and now everything you need is there...I just wouldn't do it again.
I sold the set within 2 weeks on eBay for $210 and just kept studying on my own.