Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hi Blobbers and Timmay!

Fun day again in the chat. Yesterday one of the best (and funniest) in a long time.

Thanks to all blobbers who came to our virtual BBQ to celebrate all the trades we made in IDMI.

Weather here near Philly even better today, near or at 70 degrees, took out the 1890 or something record high for the day.

DUDE and DUDETTE Blobbers, I told you to stay overnight after the BBQ as it was late, but all insisted on driving home, even after the champs. Don't get some of you like GLOBALSS and Scrumscrab and Rocky. Bitching about drive back to California and Hawaii, but 'tever. You guys are basically wusses, LOL. What's a little driving for a great meal? And not like we didn't work too, I mean really! Muddy is lazy as can be and he cooked 56 virtual steaks. And I had to clean up the mess you virtual blobbers made! Sniff!

But I guess a virtual drive is like the virtual BBQ. If you get pulled over for DUI, I hope you get a virtual cop.

Plus today in chat was cool cause we had a virtual (real actually) star stop in!! And our star mentioned our blog on his blog. Share the love, LOL. Anyways, our friend Timothy Sykes stopped in and stayed all day! Muddy and I both email with Tim from time to time and we will review his book here soon. Enjoying it so far! (I email Tim for real stuff, Mudd and Tim email each other with funny macho stuff about whose short picks trump the other's. Funny stuff!)

Today Tim said he started a new book a few days ago, but I am frankly kind of concerned that he scratched notes on cocktail napkins sometime last weekend at some hoity toity NY club and has already lost them. But he is young, no matter to me. Tim is a sweetheart and very friendly, honest, and down to earth. IMO, he is the next Cramer!! But nicer. Go TIMMAY!


Anonymous said...

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Perfumes said...
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Mark said...

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Chad said...

HOWDY! Where has everyone gone? I haven't seen any activity here in a couple months. This is one of my favorite learning sources. Is all well?

Laura said...

Chad, nothing very good now. I have been updating the people in the chat room, but I have been very sick the past few months so Muddy and I are dealing with that right now, not trading or posting. I am feeling better day by day so will stop in the chat more often. But I have switched to a different trading method than the one that works for Muddy, so I probably won't post it on the blog or at least until I can try it out more.

Chad said...

Thanks Laura. I hoped it wasn't something like that. I am glad you are feeling better. I will send prayers and love your way.