Tuesday, February 5, 2008

PHAT TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome Blobbers. (Ha, a new member Rocky called us that, and Laura liked it. Blogger Mob - BLOB. So now we blobs.) Market down almost 400 points, but some stocks trade on their own exchange. Shew, take a look. We called in chat early, little after 10:30. Extracts of the chat log are below the charts. We have a rockin' room.

(Feb 05-10:39) Muddy: IDMI another pop 1.33

(Feb 05-10:40) Muddy: MBI jiggy 15.5


(Feb 05-10:58) Muddy: IDMI 1.4 hod

(Feb 05-10:58) Muddy: 1.43 weee

(Feb 05-11:01) scrumscab: Muddy, what is the likely-hood of pharmacueticals like IDMI having more upside tomorrow?

(Feb 05-11:02) Muddy: well IDMI had news yest i think,so maybe thats topping soon

(Feb 05-11:03) Muddy: but is phase 3 news....

(Feb 05-11:04) Muddy: so maybe a runner awhile,see bigcharts for news on it now

(Feb 05-11:04) Muddy: i'm just using 5% mental trailer on it myself

(Feb 05-11:06) scrumscab: Gotcha. I'm just curious with your experience if pharma stocks priced like this have quick momentary runs only to peter out quickly. I like the spread on this, so I'll keep an eye on it.

(Feb 05-11:07) Muddy: APWR jiggy near 18

(Feb 05-11:08) Muddy: spread excellent on IDMI yes

(Feb 05-11:12) Muddy: out IDMI 1.4 ..may try again later in day at 1.45ish if

(Feb 05-11:14) Muddy: ha 1.45 quick

(Feb 05-11:14) Muddy: here goes maybe

(Feb 05-11:14) Muddy: in

(Feb 05-11:14) Muddy: whoa 1.54,love this stuff

(Feb 05-11:15) Laura: Down boy...lol

(Feb 05-11:15) Muddy: use 'em and abuse 'em

(Feb 05-11:15) scrumscab: Man, there's the quick and dead isn't there?

(Feb 05-11:18) stockrake: hopefully IDMI is RIGLesque

(Feb 05-11:18) stockrake:

(Feb 05-11:21) stockrake: ICGN more

(Feb 05-11:25) Muddy: COIN low vol but jiggy 9.8

(Feb 05-11:25) TraderJJ: COINW too COINZ too low vol IMO

(Feb 05-11:25) Muddy: riglesque ha

(Feb 05-11:26) TraderJJ: ha

(Feb 05-11:30) kidd: VPHM - hod at 9.72

(Feb 05-11:31) Muddy: SWC lil pop 13.7

(Feb 05-11:32) Muddy: 1.6 IDMI

(Feb 05-11:33) stockrake: watch it rigl see it jiggle

(Feb 05-11:33) Laura: funny

(Feb 05-11:33) Muddy: haha

(Feb 05-11:33) Muddy: sweet 1.64 hit

(Feb 05-11:33) stockrake: yes

(Feb 05-11:34) Laura: double weeeee for you

(Feb 05-11:34) stockrake: good call on the 1.45 entry

(Feb 05-11:35) Muddy: giddy up 1.7 IDMI

(Feb 05-11:35) stockrake: starting to weee it

(Feb 05-11:35) Muddy: oh yeah

(Feb 05-11:35) stockrake: oh 1.71

(Feb 05-11:36) stockrake: its jiggling alright

(Feb 05-11:36) Muddy: watch YRCW 19

(Feb 05-11:36) Muddy: weeeeeeeeeeeee IDMI 1.8

(Feb 05-11:37) scrumscab: We're probably going to hit 2 for IDMI before the end of the day

(Feb 05-11:37) stockrake: 1.85 giddy up

(Feb 05-11:43) Muddy: 1.9 IDMI

(Feb 05-11:45) Muddy: IDMI 2 babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

(Feb 05-11:45) stockrake: RIGLesque for sure

(Feb 05-11:45) Muddy: yup

(Feb 05-12:03) Muddy: IDMI upping back near 2

(Feb 05-12:03) Laura: Mudd, washers and dryers are running WHR

(Feb 05-12:04) Muddy: ha,you do my laundry,dont know much about those things

(Feb 05-12:04) Laura: oh, yeah, true

(Feb 05-12:05) Laura: nice e/r on WHR

(Feb 05-12:06) mrstrader: Laura, you do his wash? lol

(Feb 05-12:06) Muddy: LVS 93 touch

(Feb 05-12:06) Laura: yeah, and believe me "Muddy" is the right name for him

(Feb 05-12:06) mrstrader: good one

(Feb 05-12:06) Laura: good deal though, he does all the cooking

(Feb 05-14:26) Muddy: IDMI creeping back near 2

(Feb 05-14:28) Muddy: MALL near hod 8.67,runs fast last few weeks LLNW still inch

(Feb 05-14:35) Muddy: RAMR pop to green

(Feb 05-14:38) Muddy: LLNW 6.5

(Feb 05-14:39) Wpg: IDMI 2.00

(Feb 05-14:39) Wpg: past

(Feb 05-14:39) Muddy: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(Feb 05-14:39) Muddy: MALL 8.9

(Feb 05-14:41) Laura: IDMI, I guess even the dogs get steak tonite

(Feb 05-14:43) stockrake: ooo

(Feb 05-14:48) Seano: hi

(Feb 05-14:48) throbinskin: IDMI nice

(Feb 05-14:49) Laura: Hiya Seano

(Feb 05-14:49) Muddy: hi

(Feb 05-14:54) Muddy: IDMI gearing up again maybe

(Feb 05-14:56) Muddy: 2.14

(Feb 05-14:57) Laura: good call again

(Feb 05-14:58) Muddy: 2.25 hit

(Feb 05-15:06) Laura: IDMI bang a double............wooooooooooot

(Feb 05-15:06) throbinskin: hoooooot hooooooooot

(Feb 05-15:08) Laura: 2.38

(Feb 05-15:08) Muddy: unreal

(Feb 05-15:09) Muddy: on 300 down dow day too

(Feb 05-15:09) Laura: I'll have a filet mignon, medium rare plz

(Feb 05-15:09) Muddy: hehe

(Feb 05-15:09) Muddy: so will the dogs!!!

(Feb 05-15:09) Laura: 2.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Feb 05-15:09) throbinskin: more..... WOW

(Feb 05-15:10) Laura: gimme 2 steaks

(Feb 05-15:10) Muddy: oh baby

(Feb 05-15:10) throbinskin: good job

(Feb 05-15:10) Laura: yes dear?

(Feb 05-15:10) mrstrader: congrats

(Feb 05-15:11) Muddy: (Feb 05-10:39) Muddy: IDMI another pop 1.33 .. now thats a pop !!

(Feb 05-15:17) TraderJJ: beauty!

(Feb 05-15:18) Laura: going again looks

(Feb 05-15:20) stockrake: 2.6 nice

(Feb 05-15:20) throbinskin: holy cow

(Feb 05-15:21) Laura: leapin lizards

(Feb 05-15:21) stockrake: this makes RIGL really look like nothing

(Feb 05-15:21) Laura: got some serious mojo

(Feb 05-15:23) throbinskin: Muddy is making steaks

(Feb 05-15:23) Laura: not hurting my short port any, that's for sure

(Feb 05-15:24) Laura: pahty around the bbq at Mudd's house

(Feb 05-15:24) stockrake: this thing is the space shuttle

(Feb 05-15:24) throbinskin: i see 2.8 coming

(Feb 05-15:29) stockrake: massive vol

(Feb 05-15:30) throbinskin: damn now almost 3

(Feb 05-15:30) throbinskin: steak and lobster now

(Feb 05-15:30) Laura: 3 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(Feb 05-15:30) stockrake: can take this whole chat room out for steak and lobster

(Feb 05-15:30) stockrake: on a move like that

(Feb 05-15:31) Laura: hell yeah, and some champagne for all

(Feb 05-15:31) 007: sweet I'm in ... lol

(Feb 05-15:31) throbinskin:

(Feb 05-15:32) throbinskin: It will not stop

(Feb 05-15:32) kidd: Long way from CA - how good are the steaks?

(Feb 05-15:33) 007: wow I missed that .. damn work meetings.

(Feb 05-15:33) TraderJJ: steaks are great but the company is even better ha

(Feb 05-15:33) kidd: lol

(Feb 05-15:33) Laura: a balmy 60 in Philly today, we can BBQ in the backyard

(Feb 05-15:38) stockrake: wowow 3.18 cant stop wont stop

(Feb 05-15:41) Laura: Muddy, you said use and abuse em, earlier. You made IDMI your biatch didn't you?

(Feb 05-15:42) kidd: STEM - 1.84 on 2 x vol. near hod

(Feb 05-15:43) mrstrader: I am only 90 minutes away and I hate to cook

(Feb 05-15:43) Laura: lol

(Feb 05-15:43) Muddy: it's one of the greatest all day runs i've ever seen,from open to close

(Feb 05-15:44) Laura: PANC up 20%, but kinda embarrassed to mention it, ha, pales in comparison

(Feb 05-15:44) throbinskin: good golly

(Feb 05-15:45) stockrake: historical

(Feb 05-15:45) stockrake: and also historical is my sell @ 1.8

(Feb 05-15:45) stockrake:

(Feb 05-15:46) throbinskin: Marriot up 1 %..... lol

(Feb 05-15:47) stockrake: ROIAK HOD lol

(Feb 05-15:47) throbinskin: Muddy up 200 %

(Feb 05-15:49) stockrake: really nice move

(Feb 05-15:50) Muddy: looking at chat log from yest ,kidd called at 1.17!

(Feb 05-15:50) scrumscab: Should I dare say 4 by the end of the day

(Feb 05-15:51) kidd: I did? but did't put any in my pocket, lol

(Feb 05-15:51) Laura: and I said (Feb 05-15:06) Laura: IDMI bang a double.

(Feb 05-15:52) throbinskin: i remember saying 2.8 coming .....lol

(Feb 05-15:54) goongreen: Muddy<----kudos maestro

(Feb 05-15:54) Laura: don't pump his ego, BELIEVE it's not needed

(Feb 05-15:54) Laura:

(Feb 05-15:54) stockrake: thanks for nothing Muddy! (just trying to even things out for Laura's sake)

(Feb 05-15:55) stockrake:

(Feb 05-15:55) goongreen: lol

(Feb 05-15:55) stockrake: now nuetral

(Feb 05-15:55) Muddy:

(Feb 05-15:55) Laura: guess what we going to talk about tonight? lol

(Feb 05-15:55) scrumscab: 4 here we come

(Feb 05-15:56) throbinskin: it's going to try 4

(Feb 05-15:57) goongreen: What they got? Fountain fo Youth

(Feb 05-15:58) throbinskin: looks like viagra on chart

(Feb 05-15:58) Laura: commercials say supposed to see a doctor if it lasts more than 4 hours

(Feb 05-15:58) goongreen: Yeah that a fountain

(Feb 05-15:59) Muddy: ouch 4 hours??

(Feb 05-15:59) throbinskin: red face

(Feb 05-15:59) Laura: this one 7.5 ha

(Feb 05-15:59) scrumscab: Or if you see shades of blue.

(Feb 05-15:59) stockrake: no if it lasts more than 24 hours i think?

(Feb 05-15:59) Muddy: thats not just wood, it's a forest!!

(Feb 05-15:59) TraderJJ: 4 hrs

(Feb 05-15:59) TraderJJ: ha

(Feb 05-15:59) stockrake: lol

(Feb 05-15:59) Laura: ROFL

(Feb 05-15:59) stockrake: redwood tree

(Feb 05-15:59) goongreen: comedians say What...they going to talk it down/

(Feb 05-16:00) throbinskin: 3.81

(Feb 05-16:01) Laura: 3.95 last

(Feb 05-16:01) scrumscab: The volume today is practically the entire volume for all of 2007

(Feb 05-16:01) Laura: ha, that's funny

(Feb 05-16:01) RockyT: in Hawaii we call it Sunami

(Feb 05-16:01) Laura: gap and crap tomorrow, or gap and go? what's your bet?

(Feb 05-16:02) scrumscab: How about the early morning Crap 'n Go

(Feb 05-16:02) 007: thats my bet.. crap'n go

(Feb 05-16:02) Laura: that's what it's like here with the dogs

(Feb 05-16:03) scrumscab: The dogs don't wait for the walk?

(Feb 05-16:03) Laura: I vote with you guys, going to go more I bet

(Feb 05-16:03) Laura: ha, sometimes not

(Feb 05-16:04) stockrake: i gotta crap n go....cya tomorrow

(Feb 05-16:04) Laura: cya

(Feb 05-16:04) scrumscab: Lets' repeat tomorrow.

(Feb 05-16:05) Laura: old folks video game, IDMI

(Feb 05-16:08) RockyT: That was a show...234.211%

(Feb 05-16:08) Laura: incredible run

(Feb 05-16:09) RockyT: What a great day to join the blob

(Feb 05-16:10) Laura: mob blog = blob

(Feb 05-16:10) Laura: I like it

(Feb 05-16:10) RockyT: perfect picture....ioi

(Feb 05-16:11) Laura: Have to go clean kitchen now, Muddy too excited to do it, LOL

(Feb 05-16:11) Laura: BRB

(Feb 05-16:11) RockyT: later to all goodevening!

(Feb 05-16:12) kidd: FRX - put a stink bid in on some calls that got hit so we shall see. It was green today.

(Feb 05-16:13) kidd: take care everyone.


Anonymous said...

I do I get on your blog ? I signed up and haven't received clearance yet

Laura said...

You don't give enough information for me to know what the problem is.

You have to register, then reply to a confirmation e-mail. It's pretty simple really.

If you still need help, e-mail me with your user name and the problems you are having.