Saturday, May 24, 2008


As I do,you may find this "T.V." show called LiveStock pretty informative.
Over on the left on TimSykes site ( yeah I know he's controversial,some love him ,some hate him,me I couldn't care less about his personality, although I do like him,he's even asked me to be a guest poster over on his site,it's where I find a whole bunch of info on "pennystocking" and the stocks that are "in play" at the moment ).

The link to his latest show is here:

Interestingly he talked some about how companies will change their names to try to get a rise in share price and I had done some dd last night on CHTL to see what deal was on this going from 7k shares on Thursday to 365k yesterday.
Turns out they changed their name from Mortlock Ventures Inc. symbol MLVI to China Tel Group Inc.
Hmmmm, boring Mortlock to a Hot sector name , china telecommunication,nifty move!
Looking at the MLVI chart it looks as if this was manipulated by either/or spam email,fax, paid promoter pump or by "fluff" news.
17 green candles out of 19,all on a gradual rise,probably all green days the manipulators bought near the close just enough so it closed higher than the day before.
The tipoff here is there are very few top shadows on the candles during this run meaning the stock closed at or very near their high of day's.
Anyway let's see what they can do with their "new" name:)

I also checked out UNCL seeing that the volume went from 44k Thursday to 2.5 million Friday!
Only news I could find was a seemingly fluff PR a few days ago and found it's in the business of student loans.
Kinda a shaky business it seems now with all the loan defaults.
IB has about 100,000 shares available to short.
I'll be in line.
Disclaimer,if it starts to run Tues I'll be on that train by going long first, then will try a short later when it does eventually turn red.
The volume Friday says it should be an "in play" stock.

Speaking of "pumps" KYUS, from what I hear a no business company,that's paying for pump is not coming down ( yet ).
It just keeps going and going and going with surging volume coming in now with 4.5 million shares traded on a long weekend Friady!

Edited 6:00 pm 5/24/08
Ok, I love digging into pump and dumps, so I'm over on silicon investor HERE reading this about a company that was named K-9 concepts ticker symbol KNIE that merged/changed their name to Aussie Soles ticker AUSE.
So later I go to my p.o. box to get my mail and guess what's in it.
A 15 page report from UntappedWealth stock newsletter that says these Aussie Soles shoes will be bigger than Crocs that jumped 800% in share price in just 19 months!
No thanks but I will play the pump and dump game with AUSE
You gotta read the link above from SI, it's hilarious, vitamin C showerheads anyone? LOL

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