Thursday, May 22, 2008


Thanks Laura and Muddy for allowing me to be a guest poster.
I've known Muddy for for quite sometime and have learned well from him.
I've been in the chatroom for about 3 weeks now and I love it!
I'm trying to put up Muddy-like watches in there and really enjoy it.
We had a huge runner yesterday right at the open with SSN from 4.45 to hod at 7.84,closing at 6.51
Myself I also like to short these high flyers when they turn red ala SSN PDO MXC FPP today and MESA SSBX GETG from the past.
So I also try to alert ones like this ( SYNM today also fell hard fast ) in addition to alerting the ones on the long side.
The last 2 days we've had up to 20 folks in the chat up from about 10-12 last week.
So it looks like we are picking up.
Come join us if you have the time.

Today I alerted this 25 minutes before the open and it turned out to be a MONSTER!
I actually got the heads up on this early this morning from Muddy who got it from a friend over at Wealth University ( the WU link is over on the right on this blog,they have turned $2,000 into,not sure of the exact figure but very close, $95,000 since starting in October )

(May 22-09:05) 13th_FLOOR: watching chinese shipper ipo SINO,really low float

SINO ran hard all day closing at 21.45 from an open of 14.71 with almost 2 million shares traded!

This one wasn't too shabby either:

(May 22-09:06) Laura: GBR mentioned yesteday looks to gap big

I mentioned it yesterday at 8,it ran to 11 from there but backed down big back to close at 8.
Today was a different story ,it held almost all its gains , closing at 12.75 for a 59% gain.

Can you see why I love this stuff?


Anonymous said...

13 your pretty coo, thanks for the heads up


13th said...

"Myself I also like to short these high flyers when they turn red ala SSN PDO MXC FPP"

These 4 were down an average 9% today on a pretty good market day.
When they rise fast pretty high they usually die...sooner or later and keep going down awhile