Wednesday, July 11, 2007

TRADES FOR 7/10/07

Since the market got hit hard yesterday I posted the trades that I made.
It is just to show that in that environment it's still possible to make some money.
And yes, I know a ton of stocks and yes, it takes a method(s) that you are familiar with and that you have confidence in.
Also it takes some hard work but that's why it feels so good when you do finally find your way imo.

Click on "my trades" link to see the entries and exits.


Rodrigo said...
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JJ2000426 said...

SWC had a very nice rally today. This is a great entry for this incredible bullish stock. It can be compared to PCU 4 years ago. Both return 2000% (20 folds) in just 4 years. I have made a very strong case for SWC super bull. Do your own DD on palladium.

Look at this perfect chart

Google keyword "palla lunar" (one word no space). And follow the Russian enigma!