Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Stock Tools We Use

Lots of questions from time to time about this on forums/chats.

Answer is, practically nothing that costs money. I know a lot of people subscribe to high priced chart packages, news feeds, and other miscellaneous paid things. If it works for you, that's great. But it truly seems that a lot of people are more interested in a filter that is going to make them rich, or in a filter that is so good that they don't have to scan a few charts, than in finding a couple dozen good candidates from a simple scan and then watching the HOD list and price action.

Simple works best for Muddy, and I am a believer in this too. Besides commissions, the we pay for is $8.95 a month for Stockfetcher, the biggest bargain out there in the stock scanning universe we think.

We use:

8.95, Stockfetcher
free, for CHARTS, no RT, delayed
free, for NEWS and CHARTS
free, SCOTTRADE HOD list which is the greatest in the world!
free, Upcoming IPOs
free, PREMARKET and AFTER HOURS trading

Send us better freebies! I know they are out there.

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