Sunday, July 1, 2007

MACE, something up or not? Don't know

Anyone have info?? Here is all I know:

MACE in the past has run huge on news. Not too exciting the past couple of years, (actually really boring now) but before that, it was an "Oh Baby" stock. Ran huge at times like ABLE, GEOI, GOAM, and TBUS.

The site I use says it reports earnings tomorrow, 07/02/07. Can't find it on other earnings calendars, so caution here. But, I read that they had accounting (aka embezzlement) problems and haven't reported YE 2006 yet.

Average volume 22 days is 11,000, 100 days is 19,000 shares. On Thursday, it traded 6,950 shares. On Friday, 06/29/07 it traded up 4% with 305,000 shares traded. Pretty big volume increase.

Fundamentals don't look too bad either for one of these small cap POS stocks. If I felt like doing real due diligence I would go visit them since they are headquartered a few miles from where I work. But Muddy's laziness is rubbing off on me and I am sure I won't do that.

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