Friday, May 18, 2007

The Power of "Wwweeeeeeeeeee"

Trade to trade well", I read that somewhere and thought to myself ...."HUH?! What the crap!" What happened to the trade to earn well"? But it didn't take me long to understand that "trading well" itself entails a sense of acheivement. A few days at Muddy's chat and you are a part of that exciting, terrifying yet fulfilling experience which can only be expressed as, in Muddy's words, "Wweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee".Believe me there's no other way to express it .
"Wweeeeeeee" is the sound of a rising stock which transforms into the sound of success if you have been able to pick it on time.Please don't under estimate the "weeeeee" powers;it is an overwhelming sensation. Once under the spell u can be high for days;smiling to yourself and others to an extent that people think you are crazy or hitting on them :)
I am grateful to Laura and Muddy because of their encouragement and help I've been able to witness/taste a few "weeeeees" like yesterday:
CSUN Loki has already mentioned that
DUSA opened at 3.69 and kept soaring till it hit 4.76...(."jiggy" in Muddy's lingo)

Dusa is a "pharma stock" and the reason for its big show was FDA's designation to its drug. This one trait common to all pharma stocks, FDA has the power to make or break them e.g DNDN. So before indulging in any "pharma stock" please check the news/rumors.