Thursday, May 17, 2007


"I love the smell of a good IPO in the morning." Every once in a while one will come along and fly from the get go. Today we had CSUN which started trading. Stock opened at $12.00, did a quick dip to $11.77 and took off from there as you can see in the chart. Stock closed at $16.59 near the HOD of $16.70 on heavy volume. This is why I monitor the IPO scene. Sweet!!!!


Laura said...


After this post I am ready to switch from SBUX to CSUN in the morning!


StockRake said...

Nice trade. I gotta get back in the chat room.

Stock Rake

Stock Gal said...

Good call Loki! When I see your alerts in the chat I know they are good ones. You have done your homework!!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmm! SBUX was on Cramer's list.

and he does moves stocks. He said it was overvalued.

DNDN he also was bearish and it gapped down right after his comments.